• WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    Even in their clumping formation, they can look quite spectacular at different heights.

  • WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    I’m just going to actually trim one up for you guys. These are all the old leaves here. This section, it’s given us a brand new flush, so I’m just going to give it a…

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in crates

    Okay, so we got some crates fully loaded. We got two truckloads basically ready to go.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (3)

    As you can see, the color of the actual plant. It’s quite amazing.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (2)

    Glauca grass trees by Designer Trees. Just showing you the color of these trees, they’re actually quite blue in color.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (1)

    Our grass trees are not green. They do have a very, very distinct blue tinge to them.

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