• Unique Architectural Tree: Aloe Barberae

    Aloe barberae,  sometimes also known as bainsii or Giant Tree Aloe, is one of the largest of the branching tree aloes. 

  • Featuring Queensland Bottle Trees in Your Landscape

    Whether you purchase one of these unique trees as a feature tree for your garden, or you intend it as a container plant, you are sure to achieve years of lasting enjoyment from your bottle…

  • Things to Know When You Buy a Tree

    As you plan your landscaping, whether for a new or existing garden/lawn area, you might want to give careful consideration when you buy a tree to feature in your garden. Some things will be completely…

  • A Superb Architectural Tree

    Architectural trees are a foundational part of any landscaping scheme. There could not possibly be a better choice for a large shade tree than the distinctive Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris).

  • WATCH: New Landscaping

    We’ve got some yucca Estrada’s in here. Some blue grass trees. We’ve got some amazing black rock…

  • 3 Feature Trees: Yucca Fillifera, Yucca Rostrata & Glauca Grass Trees

    When sprouting, Yucca Filifera, Yucca Rostrata and Grass Trees only put up one leaf, instead of two.

  • 3 Native Australian Feature Trees with Super Wow Factor

    When planning your backyard garden, there are no finer selections than the Native Australian Finger Limes, Glauca Grass Trees, and Queensland Bottle trees.

  • Glauca Grass Tree: An Ancient Feature Tree

    When you plant a glauca grass tree, you are planting a national treasure. We are happy to share this uniquely Australian plant with you.

  • Top 5 Delicious Feature Trees

    These top five delicious designer trees are not only beautiful additions to your backyard, each of them bears luscious fruit that can be a tasty addition to your daily diet.

  • Mango: A Feature Tree of Beauty and Flavor

    If you live in a tropical or subtropical area, Mangoes are amazingly easy to grow. They can be the ‘plant it and forget it’ tree in your backyard garden area.

  • Top Four Xeriscape Garden Plants

    While it is sometimes necessary, one way to have beautiful ornamental plants is to choose those that do not require large amounts of water. Cactus, grass trees, and various species of yucca are frequently hardy…

  • Australian Finger Lime: The Newest in Fancy Cuisine

    Early settlers in Australia left the finger lime plants standing because they provided a delicious burst of puckery, sour goodness for thirsty travelers.

  • Five Super Attractive Conversation Plants

    If you bring a newcomer into your garden, these are almost always going to be a focal point of some part of your conversation.

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