• Bottle Trees: Not All the Same

    Say “bottle tree” to a diverse group of people, then take a poll of the images that come to mind. Chances are good that someone will mention trees near a crossroad, hung with blue, glass…

  • Five Best Feature trees: Focusing on Grass Trees

    The following five best feature trees belong to a loose category called “grass trees.”

  • Five Best Designer Trees

    Designer trees are trees that lend a unique feature or that fulfill a function in a garden or landscape. They might have special attributes, such as being well-suited for the local climate, attractive to bees,…

  • Five Best Architectural Trees

    A “best” architectural tree is one that fits with your climate, soil type, available land expanse, the organization of buildings and road in the general local and the affect the architect and landscaper wish to…

  • Top 10 Architectural Trees

    An architectural tree is one that has a pleasing shape and that will fit nicely within a landscape or near a home or business building. Thinking about an architectural tree means keeping in mind the…

  • Top 10 Feature Trees

    It is said that when you plant a garden, you plant for yourself. But when you plant a tree, you plant for the future. With that in mind, finding an ideal location for something as…

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 8

    On the last leg of this documentary, Tony comes across a “sea of blue” grass trees. Watch as he shows one that is branching and starting to flower.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 7

    Dale and Tony continue their documentary across a wonderful botanical garden. Listen as they debate over a majestic Yucca Rostrata and also as they share their thoughts on Yucca Filiferas.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 6

    Dale and Tony continue walking us through this very unique botanical garden and come across beautiful grass trees and aloe trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 5

    As Tony continues his video tour through this private botanical garden, he’s met with some truly spectacular Yucca filiferas. Listen to Tony explain how they grow to be such remarkable trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 4

    Tony continues his video tour through this gorgeous botanical garden and comes upon a really amazing cactus grove.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 3

    We’ve got our amazing Aloe barberaes in through this area, mixed in with our dragon trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 2

    On this video, we continue to walk with Tony and Dale through this beautiful botanical garden as they show us some spectacular specimens.

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