• 5 Reasons You Need a Dragon Tree

    Looking for a new tree for your garden? If the Dragon Tree isn’t one that you have considered yet, read on. Chances are, this bold designer tree will soon make its way to the top…

  • Container Gardening: Part 2

    Choosing the right pot online entails more than just size and depth. Different containers are made from different types of material, which all have their pros and cons. Colours also make a difference where lighter…

  • Container Gardening: Part 1

    Container gardening is a great way to bring life and character to indoor spaces, patios, gazebos, and landscapes.  Whether you bought online pots, barrels, or boxes, any container that is filled with flowers, a tree,…

  • 4 Flowering Trees to Brighten Up Your Garden

    When looking to add some extra colour to a garden, most people end up going for flowers over trees. However, what if you could have both? Here are four statement trees that not only promise…

  • How to Choose a Grass Tree for Your Garden

    Don’t go rushing out to buy the first grass tree you see – there are a few things that you need to consider when choosing one, if you want your new tree to truly flourish.

  • Top 10 Feature Trees

    It is said that when you plant a garden, you plant for yourself. But when you plant a tree, you plant for the future. With that in mind, finding an ideal location for something as…

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 8

    On the last leg of this documentary, Tony comes across a “sea of blue” grass trees. Watch as he shows one that is branching and starting to flower.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 7

    Dale and Tony continue their documentary across a wonderful botanical garden. Listen as they debate over a majestic Yucca Rostrata and also as they share their thoughts on Yucca Filiferas.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 6

    Dale and Tony continue walking us through this very unique botanical garden and come across beautiful grass trees and aloe trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 5

    As Tony continues his video tour through this private botanical garden, he’s met with some truly spectacular Yucca filiferas. Listen to Tony explain how they grow to be such remarkable trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 4

    Tony continues his video tour through this gorgeous botanical garden and comes upon a really amazing cactus grove.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 3

    We’ve got our amazing Aloe barberaes in through this area, mixed in with our dragon trees.

  • WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 2

    On this video, we continue to walk with Tony and Dale through this beautiful botanical garden as they show us some spectacular specimens.

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