• 5 Reasons You Need a Dragon Tree

    Looking for a new tree for your garden? If the Dragon Tree isn’t one that you have considered yet, read on. Chances are, this bold designer tree will soon make its way to the top…

  • A Potful of Pincushion and Other Prickly Plants

    There is something truly charming about a young golden barrel cactus in a small, colorful planting pot. It looks so very much like a potful of pincushion. The simile is made even more apropos by…

  • The 4 Best Plant Pot Materials

    If you want your potted plants to thrive, then you need to pay careful attention to the pots that you use. The material that your pots are made from may not be something that you…

  • 5 Tips for Growing Trees in Pots

    Some trees do so well in pots, but they require a different level of care to those grown in the ground. Here are five tips to ensure that your potted trees flourish in the best…

  • How to Choose a Grass Tree for Your Garden

    Don’t go rushing out to buy the first grass tree you see – there are a few things that you need to consider when choosing one, if you want your new tree to truly flourish.

  • Three Best Desert Garden Accent Plants

    Deserts can be beautiful. They can also be deadly, especially for those who are unprepared for the environment. A good way to enjoy the beauty of a desert without suffering through the dangers of walking…

  • Top 4 Evergreen Feature Trees

    These will add greenery to your garden even on the dullest of winter days – here are four evergreen feature trees to consider.

  • Best Architectural Trees for Growing in Pots

    These are several architectural trees that do well in pots, and will be able to provide a dramatic focal point for your garden.

  • Best Designer Trees for Small Gardens

    Finding a tree that’s suitable for a smaller space can often be a challenge. Whether you’re able to plant in the ground or need to grow your tree in a container, these are the best…

  • Principles of Landscaping Your Own Garden

    There’s more to landscaping than simply putting plants in the ground. Your garden is a blank canvas that you develop to create a work of art.

  • How to Choose the Right Feature Tree for Your Outdoor Space

    It’s important to make sure that the tree you choose not only meets all of your own requirements when it comes to shape and size, but is also suited to the growing conditions in your…

  • Best Designer Trees

    Elegant, architectural, and attention-grabbing, these designer trees can instantly transform an outdoor space.

  • Best Architectural Trees

    Whether you’re looking for an evergreen tree to provide year-round interest, or an ornamental tree that also happens to produce an edible food, these are the best architectural trees to look into.

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