• Agave Victoriae Reginae

    Agave Victoriae Reginae is a compact, spineless agave. Its sculptured leaves have a distinctive white pinstriping that acts as an accent.

  • Agave “Blue Glow”

    Agave Blue Glow is a hybrid created by crossing agave ocahui  and agave attenuata. The work was done by hybridizer Kelly Griffin and first introduced by Rancho Soledad Nurseries, in Santa Fe, California in 2005.

  • King Ferdinand Century Plant — Agave Ferdinandi-Regis

    The King Ferdinand Century Plant, Agave Ferdinandi-Regis, is an incredibly beautiful plant.

  • Agave: Old, New, and an Attractive Feature Plant in Your Garden

    There are at least 270 different types of agave plants. They are a member of the Asparagaceae family, sub-genre Agavoideae, genus agave. This makes them a distant relative of glauca grass trees, aloe vera, tree…

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