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Q: A quick question

I have a single headed draco I would like to transplant. Will it have a chance of survival as a cutting, or do I need to take the root ball with it?

It would be about 4.8 metres high.


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Asked by Tim on July 26, 2020

(Answered by A on July 26, 2020)

HI Tim

You can grow a Dragon tree from a cutting. Typically when people plant dragon trees from a cutting it will be a branch that the plant. If you are looking to plant as a cutting then let the cutting dry out for a week or two and then plant. I would not advise cutting the actual truck and using that as a cutting. The best option is to dig the tree out with a nice root ball and replant. The survival rate with Dragon trees when you replant are extremely high. Do not water for the first couple of months and make sure the tree is planted in well-drained soil. Thanks Tony

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