Feature Trees

  • Look Up! Five Tall Feature Trees for Your Designer Garden

    Tall feature trees in your designer garden make people look up. More than that, they might provide shade, pull up nutrients from deep in the earth, adding them to the earth as shed leaves. Tall…

  • 4 Points to Consider When Choosing a Citrus Tree

    Thinking of adding a citrus tree to your garden? Great decision – not only are citrus trees wonderfully ornamental, but you’ll also be able to enjoy harvests that get bigger and better each year. However,…

  • Monocots in Your Designer Garden.

    Growing monocots in your designer garden can mean that you are growing specimens of some of the oldest kinds of plants in the world. Why is this significant? There are many reasons, but one of…

  • Midsummer Trees for Your Designer Garden

    Although it is unlikely that you will find Oberon and Titania, or even Bottom, the donkey-headed man in your garden at Midsummer, it is a season just as magical as the Shakespearean play. Poised at…

  • Designer Pots and Designer Trees

    There are two times of the year when planting trees out-of-doors is just not the best idea: mid-winter, and mid-summer. But that does not mean that tree lovers have to do without their favorite plants….

  • Grass Trees: Iconic Australian Plants

    Grass trees are iconic Australian plants. There are more than 60 different varieties of Xanthorrhoea or grass trees that are endemic to Australia. These tough, drought-resistant plants were and still are important to the native…

  • Feature Trees to Fill Your World with Beautiful Blossoms

    Four Feature Trees to Fill Your World with Beautiful Blossoms Gardening with trees native to your area is an excellent way to have feature trees that will fill your world with beautiful blossoms. In addition,…

  • WATCH: Yucca Rostrata

    Yucca rostrata by Designer Trees can create quite a spectacular feature tree in the garden. We’ve got these in all different sizes, 250 mil and 300 liter pots.

  • WATCH: Tahitian Lime Trees

    We’ve got some Tahitian limes here, full of fruit as well. Ready to go.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in crates

    Okay, so we got some crates fully loaded. We got two truckloads basically ready to go.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (1) – Clumping Formation

    Our grass trees are not green. They do have a very, very distinct blue tinge to them.

  • WATCH: Amazing Glauca grass trees in the wild

    Glauca out of all the grass trees wold have to be the most spectacular in regards to their canopy and their thickness.

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