4 Points to Consider When Choosing a Citrus Tree

Thinking of adding a citrus tree to your garden? Great decision – not only are citrus trees wonderfully ornamental, but you’ll also be able to enjoy harvests that get bigger and better each year. However, if you want your new citrus tree to thrive in the best way possible, don’t rush out and purchase the first one that you see. Instead, ask yourself the following questions first:


What Variety of Citrus Do You Want to Grow?

There are more than 100 different varieties of citrus fruits, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the perfect one for your garden. When growing a citrus tree, not only should you consider the varieties that you enjoy eating, but you also need to pick one that will happily adapt to the growing conditions that you can offer.

One of our favourite citrus trees for growing in Australia is the Native Australian Finger Lime. It only grows to about 6 feet tall, making it ideal for both small and large gardens. Even better, the fruit is considered a delicacy – it’s absolutely delicious!


How Cold Tolerant Do You Need Your Citrus Tree to Be?

Some citrus trees can’t tolerate the cold at all, while others are relatively cold-hardy. Again, this comes down to variety.

If you experience cool winter temperatures where you live, consider a Tahitian Lime Tree. They’re generally more tolerant of the cold than other citrus varieties. This is also an ever-bearing tree, meaning that it’ll produce fruit year-round. The fruit will remain on the tree in perfect condition until you’re ready to pick it.


What Size is the Citrus Tree You’re Considering?

It’s understandable why many people automatically gravitate towards the largest specimen around when purchasing a new tree. After all, a large tree will fill that empty spot in your garden instantly, and you also won’t have to wait quite as long for a hefty harvest.

However, large trees are also known for taking longer to adapt due to transplant shock. Go with a younger tree and it’ll grow and develop in tandem with your soil, meaning that you could end up with a healthier tree overall.


Do You Need to Grow Your Citrus Tree in a Pot?

Some fruit trees struggle when grown in containers, but many citrus trees flourish. Again, it all comes down to choosing a variety that’s suitable for container growing.

That said, just about every variety could potentially adapt to life in a pot, so long as you choose the right pot and give it the right soil. We would recommend going with a large GRC pot – it’ll be sturdy enough to withstand the seasons, yet lightweight enough for you to move around your garden should you ever need to.



Citrus trees add so much to a garden, making it easy to see why they’ve become so popular lately. Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the very best decision when picking out your new citrus tree, giving you a tree that several generations of your family will be able to enjoy.


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