• Growing Fresh Air

    The year 2020 brought changes to many people around the world. Even though cases of Covid-19 seem to be slowing down as of mid-November 2020, it is doubtful that any of us will forget this…

  • WATCH: Bottle Tree Grove

    These are our bottle trees by Designer Trees. So we’ve got a nice little grove of bottle trees in this section, all different heights, shapes and thicknesses. They look quite amazing mixed in with a…

  • WATCH: Tahitian Lime Trees

    We’ve got some Tahitian limes here, full of fruit as well. Ready to go.

  • WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    Even in their clumping formation, they can look quite spectacular at different heights.

  • WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    I’m just going to actually trim one up for you guys. These are all the old leaves here. This section, it’s given us a brand new flush, so I’m just going to give it a…

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in crates

    Okay, so we got some crates fully loaded. We got two truckloads basically ready to go.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (3)

    As you can see, the color of the actual plant. It’s quite amazing.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (2)

    Glauca grass trees by Designer Trees. Just showing you the color of these trees, they’re actually quite blue in color.

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in the wild (1)

    Our grass trees are not green. They do have a very, very distinct blue tinge to them.

  • Olives and Oil and Growing Trees

    Olives, pickled olives, and olive oil all come from olive trees. Although these wonderful trees are available in several varieties, the differences between olive products is primarily derived from when they are picked and how…

  • Dragon Trees: Real Trees with Mythological name

    Dragon trees, Dracaena  Marginata, Lucky Bamboo, and even Dracaena Cinnabari, as well as several other Dracaena species, are more closely related to the lily family than to palm trees even though the two are often…

  • Avocados in Australia

    Avocados are not native to Australia. But they are now grown in nearly every part. These versatile trees can be grown in just about any tropical or semi-tropical region, and in a few other areas…

  • Xanthorrhoea Glauca Grass Tree and Its Surroundings

    Xanthorrhoea Glauca Grass Tree, as noted a few weeks ago, is native to Australia. It grows very well here at Designer Trees, where we are harvest and cultivate it. This is an important point, because…

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