WATCH: Bottle Tree Grove


Okay guys, our bottle trees. As you can see, what we do with these bottle trees for transport, we actually cut them back quite severely obviously to give the tree every chance of survival. You can see the new foliage that it’s provided up top. These are our bottle trees by Designer Trees. So we’ve got a nice little grove of bottle trees in this section, all different heights, shapes and thicknesses. They look quite amazing mixed in with a few of our golden barrels. They do look quite nice in a bit of a grove, bottle trees by Designer Trees.

Some will seed up, some of these bottle trees will seed up and some don’t, it’s just naturally what they do. This particular one does have a few seed on it, whereas these ones don’t. The golden barrels are quite amazing, they will flower, once the flowers open up they will pollinate and they will throw seed on top. When they start to look a little messy like this, you can quite easily just pick these out, as you can see. You can give them a fresh look, they’re actually full of seed inside there, but they’re another item that we specialize in with Designer Trees.


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