Finger Limes

  • Autumn Chores for Three of Our Designer Trees

    Autumn chores for Designer Trees look a lot like end-of-season chores anywhere in the world, in South New Wales, which is located on the southern side of Australia, can get rather chilly in some areas….

  • 4 Points to Consider When Choosing a Citrus Tree

    Thinking of adding a citrus tree to your garden? Great decision – not only are citrus trees wonderfully ornamental, but you’ll also be able to enjoy harvests that get bigger and better each year. However,…

  • Bedding Plants Beneath Your Designer Trees

    Selecting bedding plants to place beneath your designer trees can be challenging. Trees tend to be resource hogs, and it pays to know what the forests look like where your trees grow naturally. Plants that…

  • Top 5 Delicious Feature Trees

    These top five delicious designer trees are not only beautiful additions to your backyard, each of them bears luscious fruit that can be a tasty addition to your daily diet.

  • Australian Finger Lime: The Newest in Fancy Cuisine

    Early settlers in Australia left the finger lime plants standing because they provided a delicious burst of puckery, sour goodness for thirsty travelers.

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