Queensland Bottle Tree

  • Celebrating Trees and Summer Holidays

    There has always been something special about trees, no matter where you are in the world. We have all sorts of trees, but we specialize in the kinds that will grow well in Australia. One…

  • 4 Designer Trees That Provide Winter Interest

    With flowers dying off and trees turning bare, gardens can end up looking pretty dull in the winter months. If you can relate, take a look at these four designer trees – not only do…

  • Best Architectural Trees for Growing in Pots

    These are several architectural trees that do well in pots, and will be able to provide a dramatic focal point for your garden.

  • Best Designer Trees for Small Gardens

    Finding a tree that’s suitable for a smaller space can often be a challenge. Whether you’re able to plant in the ground or need to grow your tree in a container, these are the best…

  • How to Choose the Right Feature Tree for Your Outdoor Space

    It’s important to make sure that the tree you choose not only meets all of your own requirements when it comes to shape and size, but is also suited to the growing conditions in your…

  • Best Designer Trees

    Elegant, architectural, and attention-grabbing, these designer trees can instantly transform an outdoor space.

  • Best Architectural Trees

    Whether you’re looking for an evergreen tree to provide year-round interest, or an ornamental tree that also happens to produce an edible food, these are the best architectural trees to look into.

  • Top 5 Architectural Trees

    Architectural trees are loved for their strong structures and distinctive shapes, with the ability to instantly give a garden a dramatic new focal point. Whether grown in the ground or in a pot, these five…

  • The Top 4 Feature Trees

    Whether you’ve got a small garden that’s only suitable for container-grown trees, or a sprawling landscape that needs a new focal point.

  • Bottle Trees: Not All the Same

    Say “bottle tree” to a diverse group of people, then take a poll of the images that come to mind. Chances are good that someone will mention trees near a crossroad, hung with blue, glass…

  • Five Best Designer Trees

    Designer trees are trees that lend a unique feature or that fulfill a function in a garden or landscape. They might have special attributes, such as being well-suited for the local climate, attractive to bees,…

  • Five Best Architectural Trees

    A “best” architectural tree is one that fits with your climate, soil type, available land expanse, the organization of buildings and road in the general local and the affect the architect and landscaper wish to…

  • Top 10 Architectural Trees

    An architectural tree is one that has a pleasing shape and that will fit nicely within a landscape or near a home or business building. Thinking about an architectural tree means keeping in mind the…

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