Growing Trees for Flowers

There’s nothing quite like the colour and vibrancy that flowers add to a garden. Chances are that you already have a few flowering plants dotted around you. Not only are they attractive to look at, but flowers also attract beneficial insects, meaning that they’ll help to improve your harvest if you’re growing edible plants.

When it comes to growing flowers, most people focus on shrubs and smaller plants, overlooking the potential that trees can have when it comes to brightening up their garden. So, today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at three garden trees that produce the most exquisite flowers.


The Tahitian Lime Tree

We’ll start with one of our favourite flowering trees – the Tahitian Lime Tree. This is actually quite a popular tree, although it’s mostly revered for its fruits, rather than its flowers. However, its flowers are not to be shunned – being an everbearing tree, the Tahitian Lime produces flowers (and fruits) year-round.

There aren’t many other trees or flowering plants that can do that, which is exactly what makes this citrus tree such a worthy addition to any garden in need of some blossoms. Even better, the flowers produced by this tree have a wonderfully sweet and citrusy scent to them – you’ll be able to enjoy a whiff of these florals each time you walk by your tree.


The Yucca Tree

Yuccas are usually grown for their beautifully architectural structure and tropical, palm-like appearance. As a result, many new yucca owners are surprised when their tree starts to flower in the summer, especially once they see just how stunning those blooms are.

So, which yucca tree will give you the best flowers? We have two favourites. The first is the Yucca Filifera, which is the fastest-growing of all of the yucca varieties and produces edible flowers. The second is ideal for those who want something a little more show-stopping; the Yucca Rostrata. This tree is also known as the beaked yucca because its ornate flowers bloom atop a tall stalk, in the shape of a beak!


The Queensland Bottle Tree

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Queensland Bottle Tree. For those of you seeking year-round interest in your garden, the curves of this tree will provide that and so much more. This is a native tree with so much history – it never fails to be a good conversation starter.

Onto its flowers – these are produced in the spring, shortly after the tree drops its leaves. While each flower on its own may not be much to talk about, as a group they look very impressive. What’s more, they’re highly scented, making them a great choice for bringing in pollinators from far and wide.



Hopefully, you’re now feeling ultra-inspired when it comes to finding ways to add more flowers to your garden. And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a garden filled with colourful, scented blooms? So, the next time you’re out shopping for some new flowering plants, don’t forget to give these three trees some attention too!


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