3 Trees That Will Improve the Air Quality Around Your Home

Just about every tree is beneficial in terms of improving air quality, but some are truly exceptional at filtering away toxins and purifying the air. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the air quality around your home for yourself and your family, here are three trees that you should be planting.


The Dragon Tree

If you’ve ever looked into air-purifying houseplants, then you’ve probably come across the Dragon Tree. There are over 40 varieties of this sub-tropical plant, and while some thrive inside the house, others do better outside. The Dracaena Draco is one of the latter – it’s evergreen, drought-tolerant, and adapts to both the heat and the cold.

That said, with this variety being so tolerant of a wide range of conditions, it can also be grown indoors in a pot. Since it’s a slow-grower, you won’t need to worry about it becoming unmanageable. Simply repot it every couple of years and it’s air-purifying properties will only increase with time!


The Golden Barrel Cactus

If you’re looking for something low-growing and compact, then consider the Golden Barrel Cactus. Many don’t realise just how versatile cacti are, with several offering up air-cleansing benefits. The Golden Barrel Cactus in particular is fantastic for tackling pollution and radiation, making it a useful one to have in your garden.

Just like the Dragon Tree, the Golden Barrel Cactus also does well indoors in containers. However, while most will opt for a small specimen that can comfortably fit on their windowsill, keep in mind that the bigger the tree, the better it will be at cleaning the air.


The Yucca

Not only is yucca a traditional medicinal plant, but NASA has also rated it as one of the top air-purifying plants out there. There are around 40 different species available, two of which you’ll find at our nursery.

The Yucca Filifera is the one to go for if you’re looking for large, majestic, and fast-growing. It’s easy to care for and is tolerant of a variety of conditions, making it suitable for just about every garden. Alternatively, consider the Yucca Rostrata. While it may be a slower-growing variety, it’s truly exquisite to look at. Its leaves are also much softer than that of the Yucca Filifera, making it a better choice for those who have children or pets.


Can Trees Really Reduce the Effects of Pollution?

Air pollution has become a huge issue, especially in urban areas. Not only does it cause numerous lung issues, but it has also been linked to dementia and Type 2 diabetes.

It goes without saying that keeping the air around and inside your home as clean and toxin-free as possible can really do wonders for your health, and it really doesn’t take much to do that. Start with the three trees listed above – whether you grow them in pots inside or outdoors in your garden. Trees have been proven to minimise the health problems that pollution can cause, which is why so many urban areas are now trying to plant as many trees as possible. Ideally, the more trees you have, the more beneficial they’ll be, so use this as an excuse to indulge in some tree shopping!


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