4 Flowering Trees to Brighten Up Your Garden

When looking to add some extra colour to a garden, most people end up going for flowers over trees.

However, what if you could have both?

Here are four statement trees that not only promise to add a dramatic focal point to any outdoor space, but also reward with an abundance of beautiful blooms.

The Tahitian Lime Tree

There aren’t many trees that are able to provide year-round flowers, which is why the Tahitian Lime Tree is so special. Although the tree’s main flowering period is over the winter, it sporadically produces blooms, which are followed by fruit, throughout the year.

As an added bonus, the gorgeous white flowers produced by this fruit tree are wonderfully fragrant. In addition to adding a sweet, citrusy scent to the space around, Tahitian Lime flowers are also loved by birds and pollinating insects.

The Beaked Yucca Tree

The Beaked Yucca is a tree that just keeps on giving. Being an evergreen, and one with an architectural, statement-making appeal, this is a tree that looks exquisite all through the year, whether grown in the ground or in a pot.

However, wait until the summer to be truly impressed…

Each year, once the warmer weather hits, tall spires of scented white flowers rise up from the top of the tree. When conditions are right, these are sometimes followed by fruit, which used to be eaten and fermented into a drink back in the day.

The Grass Tree

Compared to other flowering trees, the blooms produced by the Grass Tree are much rarer. They only appear after the tree is a few years old, and if they do happen to show up sooner than this, it’s best to cut them off – the tree needs this vital energy in order to establish itself.

However, once your Grass Tree is more mature, the four-metre tall flowering spikes it produces can be left intact to add a stunning visual appeal to your garden. Each stalk is dotted with hundreds of small white flowers, which are guaranteed to be a conversation-starter with anyone who happens to see them.

The Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree is another one that takes it time to produce flowers – usually about 10 to 15 years. Each flower spike that emerges from the top of the tree is packed with fragrant, green/white blossoms, and the older your tree is, the more flowers you will get.

One of the oldest Dragon Trees in existence once produced more than 1800 flowering stems – not only is this guaranteed to give your garden a bold splash of colour, but the flowers are fantastic for attracting beneficial insects.

While shrubs and other small plants may be the usual go-to when it comes to flowers, there are some trees that can definitely hold their own in this regard too. Whether you grow your trees in large GRC pots on a patio or plant them in the ground throughout your garden, flowering trees are such a dynamic and unusual way to brighten up an outdoor space.


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