4 Things to Know When Planting a Yucca Filifera

Native to northern Mexico, the Yucca Filifera is an architectural evergreen tree with tufts of sword-shaped leaves. The visual impact that it makes means that it’s a popular tree to have in home gardens, although there are a few things that you need to know about this tree before you get planting.


The Yucca Filifera Grows Quickly

Some yucca varieties are painfully slow when it comes to growth, but not the Yucca Filifera. It’s one of the fastest-growing yuccas out there, making it ideal for those who want instant drama.

In a way, this is great. Plant a specimen that’s already semi-mature and you’ll be able to enjoy your new yucca in all of its glory in just a few years time. However, the speed at which this tree grows may also make it unsuitable for certain areas of your garden.

It’s also worth paying extra attention to container size if you plan on growing this tree in a pot – you’ll need to repot it into a larger container more frequently than other yucca varieties.


The Yucca Filifera Can Handle the Wind

It can be difficult to find trees that are suitable for windy spots, but the Yucca Filifera is a prime candidate. It’s able to withstand even strong winds, making it a great choice for any exposed parts of your garden.

That said, a yucca that’s constantly being battered by strong gusts will suffer when it comes to its appearance. You may notice wind damage on the foliage, but this should heal pretty quickly.

If you do intend on planting your Yucca Filifera in a windy location, you may also want to consider giving it a support of some sort. Granted, these deep-rooted trees will usually stand firm on their own, but they are definitely a top-heavy variety. Trees that haven’t yet established properly could find themselves toppling over.


The Yucca Filifera Does Well in a Pot

Not everyone has space in their garden for more trees. The best way to get around this is by growing a few trees in pots. While not all species do well in containers, the Yucca Filifera thrives.

If you plan on moving your potted yucca around your garden through the year, make sure that you go for a lightweight pot. GRC pots tend to be the best choice, especially since they’re now available in just about every shape, size, style, and colour that you could imagine.


Yucca Filifera Fruit is Edible

More and more people are now taking steps towards being as sustainable and as self-sufficient as possible, especially when they have their own private garden to use. If you can relate, then you probably already have many traditional edible plants in your garden, but did you know that the fruit from the Yucca Filifera can be eaten too?

Both the fruits and the flowers are delicious either raw or cooked. In fact, even the flower stalks are edible – many cook them up just like asparagus.



Compared to many other yuccas, the Yucca Filifera is an easy and low-maintenance tree to keep. Grow it in the ground or plant it in a pot – either way, this tree not only offers up extravagant ornamental properties, but the fact that its fruits are edible is a huge bonus too!


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