4 Trees to Plant in Your Garden This Spring

Looking to spruce up your garden this season? One easy way to add instant drama and interest is by planting a tree, and early spring is the best time of year to do that.


A Dragon Tree

Statement-making, architectural, and low-maintenance, it’s easy to see why dragon trees are becoming so popular. This is a tree that many have as a houseplant, but go for a suitable variety, such as the Dracaena Draco that we sell at our nursery, and your dragon tree will happily thrive outside too.

While it’s true that evergreen trees can be planted year-round, spring is still the optimal time of year for planting. The cool temperatures coupled with spring showers will help your dragon tree to establish, after which it can enjoy the rest of the warm season before having to prepare for winter.


A Mango Tree

If you’re looking for a tree that’s beautifully ornamental yet still provides you with a harvest each year, then consider a mango tree. We grow our mango trees in large pots, meaning that they can be planted at any time of the year, but just about every fruit tree would appreciate being planted in the spring.

Although mango trees don’t lose their leaves in the winter, they do still go dormant during the cooler months, meaning that they’re not actively growing. This is the best time to get them in the ground. If the mango tree that you’ve purchased is mature enough, then it may even flower that same year!


A Grass Tree

Grass trees are wonderfully unique, making it hardly surprising that more and more people are now choosing this native tree for their garden. While easy to look after, the downside to a grass tree is that they don’t usually like to be transplanted. Picking the right variety is key here, which is why we sell the Glauca Grass Tree – it has the highest survival rate of all the grass trees out there. We even offer a 12 month guarantee – that’s how confident we are about the quality of our specimens.

That said, to give your grass tree the very best chance of survival, plant it out in the spring. Although it’s a drought-tolerant tree, it’ll need plenty of water while it’s establishing, and the spring rains will help with this.


An Olive Tree

If you’re a fan of olives, then you’ll definitely appreciate having your own homegrown supply. Although they look impressive, olive trees don’t actually require much care – give them enough sun and water and they should continue to grow taller and wider each year.

Olive trees are generally quite hardy once they’re established. However, newly-planted olive trees are much more delicate. For this reason, the best time to plant an olive tree is in late spring. Wait until you’ve had your last frost for the season, once temperatures have started to warm up a little, before planting your olive tree out.



The spring months are perfect for tree planting. Whether you plan on growing fruit trees or ornamental evergreen trees, get them in the ground now and they’ll have plenty of time to set their roots before winter arrives once again.


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