5 Hardwood Trees to Add to Your Garden

Hardwood trees are known for their strength and durability, not only when it comes to their usable timber, but also in their growth habits. They’re resilient, sturdy, and have a much more complex structure than softwood trees, making them highly sought after by gardeners.

Thinking of adding some interesting new hardwood trees to your garden? Here are four of our favourites:


The Olive Tree

Crafters and woodworkers all over the world love olive wood. This isn’t only because of its strength, but also for how each piece of wood has a completely unique and individual grain pattern, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Since olive trees are much smaller than commercially grown hardwood trees, their wood is pretty rare, not to mention expensive, making this a tree well worth cultivating in your garden.


Lime Trees

Lime wood is known for its even texture and very straight grain. The fact that it very rarely warps makes it a favourite among wood carvers, who love how easy it is to work with.

There are so many different varieties of lime trees that you can add to your garden. Our top two choices are the Native Australian Finger Lime (because you should always go for a native tree when you can!), and the Tahitian Lime Tree for its low upkeep.


The Mango Tree

Although most commonly grown for its fruits, mango wood is a sturdy hardwood that has characteristics comparable to oak. Not only is it naturally water-resistant and hard-wearing, but it also has a gorgeous golden-brown colour coupled with dense grain patterns, both of which give it a beautifully rich finish.

Unlike olive wood, mango wood isn’t quite so rare, simply because the commercial mango industry is thriving. That said, this is a tree that would still be a beneficial addition to your garden, especially if you love to eat mangos!


The Pomegranate Tree

In addition to its juicy superfruits, the pomegranate tree is also revered for the strong wood that it produces. Crafters all over the world have been using pomegranate wood for hundreds of years, although, these days, supplies are pretty limited.

Even better, pomegranate trees are easy to look after. They require minimal maintenance and will pretty much take care of themselves once established, making them a top choice among busy gardeners.


The Avocado Tree

Although avocado wood is considered to be hardwood, it’s quite a soft hardwood. Because of this, it’s a popular crafting wood since it’s easy to manipulate. It also has quite an oily texture that makes it great for sculpting and carving.

Many people also love to burn avocado wood. Although it produces more smoke than many other hardwoods, it burns quickly and emits a good amount of heat.



It’s always a good idea to have a mix of different trees in your garden, and these hardwood trees will definitely give your outdoor space that extra-special touch. Even if you have no intention of chopping your garden trees down to actually make use of their hardwood, their strength and durability will give your garden a whole new focal point.


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