5 Ways to Add a New Focal Point to Your Garden

Every garden needs a few focal points. They immediately attract attention and provide a sense of structure and direction. Design them strategically and a quick glance at your garden will have your eyes flitting from one focal point to the next. They’ll intensify the space around them while also diverting your gaze away from any not-so-attractive areas of your garden.

Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a compact patio, adding in a new focal point or three can be transformative. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Plant a Feature Tree

A feature tree is showy, dramatic, and architectural. It’s impressive enough to instantly catch the eye, and will do this no matter the time of year.

What makes a feature tree unique can vary. The Queensland Bottle Tree is famous for its curvy, bottle-shaped trunk, while the Dragon Tree is loved for its umbrella-like canopy with tufts of sword-shaped leaves.

Feature trees don’t have to be purely ornamental either. Take mango trees as an example – not only are their fruits both decorative and delicious, but their fragrant spring blossoms and glossy evergreen foliage make this fruit tree a looker year-round.


Make Use of Decorative Pots

Not only can decorative pots add colour and texture to a garden, but you can also grow feature plants in them, making your pots even more of a focal point!

Decorative pots come in all shapes and sizes, but be careful when choosing pot material. For environmental reasons, avoid plastic. However, be aware of rot if you’re picking wooden pots, and don’t go for terracotta if you live somewhere prone to winter frosts. Instead, we would recommend GRC pots – they’re lightweight, strong, and can be made to look like any of the previously mentioned pot materials – it’s a win-win!


Plant Some Hedges

A beautifully-maintained hedge can be a focal point in itself, but you can also use hedges to guide the eye around your garden, leading it to another focal point.

There are many attention-grabbing hedging plants out there, but don’t limit yourself to the conventional options. Think about multi-purpose hedges – an olive hedge has both ornamental and edible qualities.


Install a Water Feature

Water features seem to add a whole new dimension to a garden, making them a fantastic focal point. There are also options for everyone, no matter your budget or your garden size.

If you want to splurge, look into the more elaborate designs, such as a fountain. Alternatively, for a low-cost option, dig a small hole and create a wildlife pond. Not only will this serve as a focal point, but it’ll also bring so much more diversity to the space around it.


Set Up a Seating Area

Just like water features, seating areas don’t have to be complicated. Sure, you could install a complete outdoor living space, including a full-sized dining table. Or, you could keep things simple – a rustic bench or a homemade swing will work just as well.

When it comes to giving your garden a new focal point, don’t be afraid to get creative. From feature trees to garden furniture, there really are so many options out there!


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