Beautiful GRC Pots for the Plants in Your Greenhouse or Garden

In the northern hemisphere, changing leaves and cooler temperatures signal the onset of autumn. In the southern hemisphere, new leaves, warmer temperatures, and early blooms herald spring. These equinox seasons bracket winter and summer, bookends to different kinds of garden tending.

Regardless of whether you are looking at the approach of winter or the first hint of summer, one of the things that is going to happen if you have a greenhouse is moving things in and out of their protected area. GRC, or GFRC pots as they are sometimes called are made from concrete reinforced with glass fibers. Glass fibers in concrete performs the same function as straw in bricks.  The long fibers help hold the concrete together, making it both more durable and lighter.

This translates into a variety of beautiful pots that can become homes for your favorite plants. A matched set in graduated sizes can be an excellent way to house and display young trees in various stages of development. They can also be a way to pull together a display of plants that are somewhat disparate in size and appearance, creating a coordinated look for a patio or sunroom.

If you are trying to recreate a traditional garden, GRC pots are an excellent choice. They  can be molded into a variety of traditional patterns ranging from pots that look as if they are molded bronze. But GRC pots are much better for your plants. Some of them have a degree of breathability thanks to the incorporation of natural fibers, as well as steel and glass fibers. The most attractive thing about a GRC pot, however, is the reduction of weight.

But the moldability of the pots is not to be downplayed. They can be made to imitate almost any sort of material with only the addition of a little paint or texturing. Various types of texturing can be embedded in the sides of the pot, or created by adding different kinds of aggregate. The long fiberglass strands help hold the concrete and aggregate particles in place with adding an excessive amount of weight to the pot.

Make no mistake, while making the pots lighter is an important feature, they are also both strong and beautiful. They can be made to resemble almost any sort of pottery, enhancing the appearance and the security of your plant collection. If your patio or greenhouse collection of container plantings needs a new attractive home, you could look for a long time without finding a better solution than a GRC pot.

Many plants require pots that are deep rather than wide. GRC pots are an excellent solution for this issue. Because they are comparatively light and extremely easy to mold, they are an excellent choice for plants that need plenty of root space as well as good drainage.

But that does not mean that they cannot be shaped into wide planters just as easily. Some kinds of plants, such as ginger, are easier to cultivate and harvest if they are in a wide pot as opposed to a tall narrow one. Carrots, on the other hand, do best in a deep pot that is filled with sandy soil.  Attractive pots can also be incorporated into a microgreens or aquaponics system with little trouble.

The place where GRC pots can really shine, however, is when growing trees and bushes in containers. Of necessity, most of these pots must be both wide and deep. They also need to be strong because they will need to contain a great deal of growing medium. For most trees, the growing medium will need to be soaked periodically, and perhaps allowed to dry out between watering. This means that the weight on the walls of the pot can vary from time to time, thanks to the water.

Beautiful, strong, and lightweight, there is a lot to like about GRC pots. They are versatile, available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes,  and styles. This makes it easy to select the best pots for your garden and your plants. Whether you want pots that appear natural, that mimic ordinary terra cotta or glazed pots, or whether you want to pull out the stops and go for colorful, modern designs, there is a GRC pot that is just waiting for you to take it home.



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