• Mango: A Feature Tree of Beauty and Flavor

    If you live in a tropical or subtropical area, Mangoes are amazingly easy to grow. They can be the ‘plant it and forget it’ tree in your backyard garden area.

  • Top Four Xeriscape Garden Plants

    While it is sometimes necessary, one way to have beautiful ornamental plants is to choose those that do not require large amounts of water. Cactus, grass trees, and various species of yucca are frequently hardy…

  • Australian Finger Lime: The Newest in Fancy Cuisine

    Early settlers in Australia left the finger lime plants standing because they provided a delicious burst of puckery, sour goodness for thirsty travelers.

  • Five Super Attractive Conversation Plants

    If you bring a newcomer into your garden, these are almost always going to be a focal point of some part of your conversation.

  • WATCH: Bottle Trees

    Okay, so this is a bottle tree we just put in just before Christmas. Actually, yeah it was 23rd, 24th actually of December.

  • WATCH: Yucca Rostrata

    Yucca rostrata by Designer Trees can create quite a spectacular feature tree in the garden. We’ve got these in all different sizes, 250 mil and 300 liter pots.

  • WATCH: Golden Barrel Cactus Multiplying

    What happens when they multiply… the mother plant passes away, but all the nutrients still come up through the mother plant into the pups on the top.

  • WATCH: Tahitian Lime Trees

    We’ve got some Tahitian limes here, full of fruit as well. Ready to go.

  • Golden Barrel Cactus: Planting, Propagating and Caring

    Once established, golden barrel cactus require very little maintenance. Since they originate from an area where the rainy season is short and intense, followed by long dry spells, they require very little watering. The plants…

  • Golden Barrel Cactus: Echinocactus grusonii

    While not a cushion most of us would care to sit upon, these chubby cacti make a lovely addition to xeriscape or rock gardens. They are slow growing, and have a clustering habit when growing…

  • WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    Even in their clumping formation, they can look quite spectacular at different heights.

  • WATCH: Trimming Blue Grass Trees

    I’m just going to actually trim one up for you guys. These are all the old leaves here. This section, it’s given us a brand new flush, so I’m just going to give it a…

  • WATCH: Blue grass trees in crates

    Okay, so we got some crates fully loaded. We got two truckloads basically ready to go.

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