5 Ways to Decorate Your Garden Trees for the Festive Season

Looking for some inspirational ways to decorate your garden this festive season? We’ve got you covered – here are five ideas you’re bound to love.


Twinkling String Lights

The festive season is synonymous with twinkly lights. So, in addition to stringing fairy bulbs up around your house, bestow the same attention on your garden trees too.

The secret to keeping things looking chic, rather than overdone, is to aim for some consistency. When decorating multiple trees, try to keep your fairy lights at the same height, even if your trees aren’t the same size. This will give your decorations some symmetry, which will leave them looking tidier.


Netted Lights for Hedges

Hedges can be a little trickier to bedeck with string lights, so consider netted lights instead. They cost a little more but they make life much easier. Whether you have an evergreen olive hedge or a deciduous beech hedge, all you’ll need to do is drape the net over the top to light up your greenery!


Baubles on Potted Trees

Trees in pots are so much fun to decorate – their smaller size makes them easily accessible, meaning that there’s so much more that you can do with them compared to their larger, in-ground counterparts.

So, in addition to draping your potted trees with fairy lights, consider hanging some baubles on those branches too. In order to keep your garden looking elegant, go with baubles that are all the same colour. Choose a shade that works well with your garden’s colour palette – this will help to really bring everything together.


Birdseed Ornaments

Want to give your garden’s feathered friends a little treat this holiday season? Try whipping up some homemade ornaments made from bird seed.

This is easier than it sounds and there are plenty of tutorials online. You only need a few ingredients, plus some festive cookie cutter shapes, and you’ll soon have some edible tree decorations for your local wildlife to feast on.


Festive Fabric Wrapped Around Tree Trunks

Wrapping some festive fabric around your tree trunks is a great way to give your garden some extra colour during the holidays. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, it’ll also give your trees some protection over the colder season, not only from the chilly temperatures but also from sunscald. Your tender plants will love it, and it’ll look so much nicer than fleece or burlap.

However, if Christmas for you means warm, balmy temperatures, then you’ll need to be careful not to leave your tree trunks wrapped for too long. Wrapped trees in the summer can be more vulnerable to pests and diseases, so avoid doing this for more than a few days.


Get Creative!

Chances are that you already decorate both the inside and the outside of your home each holiday season. However, your garden trees want in on the action too! Dressing your trees up with some festive cheer will make the season feel even more special – get the whole family involved and this could even become a new tradition!


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