Designer Trees for Christmas

While it scarcely seems possible when Halloween arrives, November is just ahead, and next will be December and Christmas. People who live on the northern side of the equator often wonder whether people in Australia celebrate Christmas. The answer, of course, is yes. There is one big difference: instead of arriving during the school year, Christmas in Australia comes around in the middle of summer vacation!

That does make a difference in the holiday celebrations. You can go surfing instead of sledding; swimming instead of making a snowman; and you can give trees as gifts. But before you get too excited, take a couple of minutes to remember that December 25th is well into the hot part of Australian summer. That means that giving a tree or any plant might require a little thought. Ask yourself a few questions before dashing over to Designer Trees and picking out one of their gorgeous native trees, or one of their excellent selections from other locations.

  • Is the recipient a tree person? You can usually tell a “tree person” by the plants around their home or in it.
  • Does the receiver have room to plant a tree outdoors, or should your gift be one that can be placed indoors? Living in an apartment, even a small one, does not mean that a tree lover cannot have one or two token trees to keep them in touch with their beloved out-of-doors. Almost everyone has room for a bonsai. While not native to Australia, olive trees have readily naturalized and make excellent bonsai trees.
  • Is the person someone who would appreciate year-round fresh fruit? Native Australian finger limes are a shoo-in for next to no maintenance plants for people who have a good-sized back yard or some acreage. Better yet, they are the kind of gift that just keeps on giving in a good way. These scrumptious little guys are perfect on salads or in drinks. When eaten straight out of their rind, the little caviar-like pearls pop in your mouth with a tangy burst of flavor. Avocados are great, too, and so are mangos. Yum! That’s a great fruit salad in the making right there.
  • How about an attractive, low-maintenance feature tree? Our xanthorrhoea glauca grass trees are a super selection. As a native plant, you do not have to worry about introducing something that will cause ecological difficulty for your local area. When you buy from us, you know that the trees are healthy and that they are legally harvested because our staff is licensed to handle several varieties of rare trees. More than that, we are so confident of the health of our trees, that most of them come with a year-long warranty, and we are always glad to answer questions. That could be a big plus for a first-time tree owner!
  • Don’t Forget the pots! If you are giving a container plant as a gift, we can assist you with selecting one that will go with the recipient’s home décor. Our GRC (glass reinforced concrete) are available in a variety of size, color, and shape, so you are sure to find something suitable. More than that, they are light weight, yet very strong. They are already equipped with drain-holes, and we can even help by adding appropriate drainage as well as the correct soil for the plant you have chosen.

Giving a Plant is Similar to Giving a Puppy

Just keep in mind that when you give a plant you are giving the gift of a living thing. It is not quite like the Christmas puppy that grows from a tiny bundle of joy into a couch-eating great Dane, but a spikey tree yucca or even a dragon tree can seem cumbersome if some careful planning does not go into giving them as gifts.

Giving a Tree to Someone Who Has No Room for One

With the many tree planting projects in Australia and around the world, a highly satisfactory way to give a tree is to plant or have a tree planted in the name of the recipient. This is an excellent gift for a nature lover who is no longer able to participate in caring for plants, or for someone who loves the out-of-doors but has a job or living situation that simply does not lend itself to acquiring a living plant at a particular Christmas season. Add a picture of the tree being planted, and a nice plaque for display.

Trees are also excellent memorial gifts, especially when they are part of a parks project or a way to refurbish an area that has been burned over. They are a living gift that can be enjoyed by many generations.


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