Springtime Tree Chores

Springtime is one of those pivotal seasons where gardeners are supremely busy. Whether you are an ordinary backyard gardener, have a few beds of ornamental plants, or simply grow your plants in pots, they all seem to have a timer that says, “Change of season.”

Light Levels

Part of this has to do with light levels. About this time of year, people in northern climates are experiencing shorter days, but Australia and other countries that share the same latitude are getting ready to enjoy longer days, more sunshine and greater warmth. Since Australia has several different climate regions, your location (north or south) will make a difference in just how warm, of course. With that said, spring brings a variety of gardening chores which can include:

  • Raking beds and clearing up winter debris
  • Planting seeds
  • Moving potted plants out of protected spaces into open air
  • Scrubbing stored pots
  • Re-potting some plants
  • Setting some potted plants into open ground
  • Checking beds to see what is now growing
  • Checking for emerging pests

But while you are moving your plants into the open air to get some sunshine, remember to take some deep breaths and allow yourself to enjoy the warmth.

Spring Rains

Spring usually means rain, which is certainly a good thing. But keep an eye on your potted succulents, especially if you have moved them outside. That whole moving process is made much easier if your plants are tucked into GRC pots, by the way. GRC, or glass reinforced concrete, is strong and tough without being super heavy.

Succulents, cacti, and just about any plant that likes good drainage can quickly become soggy in an unexpected shower. Therefore, good drainage is a must. GRC pots do not breath in the same way as terracotta or clay pots, so as you repot your plants pay extra close attention to keeping drain holes open and having some coarse material in the bottom of each pot. No one wants their baby dragon trees to have soggy feet!

Potting Supplies

Spring is a good time for repotting plants, especially if you can catch them early before they start to put on their first growth spurt of the season. Different plants have different requirements, so this is a good time to check your inventory of potting medium, coarse materials for the bottom of the pot, and some decorative material for the top of the soil. You might want to also have a micro supply of compost and natural nutrient supplies for both your plants growing in pots, and for your plants that are growing outside.

What Does Your Plant Need?

Plants are amazingly different, while still being similar to each other. One of their biggest differences is their preferred pH balance. Some plants like their soil to be a little on the acid or sour end of the scale, while others like it a little more alkaline. More than that, they can be all along the spectrum between acid and alkaline.

Most vegetable garden plants prefer soil that is balanced or neutral. Trees can be quite different from bedding plants, however. The good news is that if you are able to plant your trees out of doors, they will reach down into the soil and locate the nutrients buried deep beneath the earth’s crust.

If your trees are in pots, even those beautiful GRC pots that are light and easy to handle, they will have to make do with the soil, nutrients, and water that you give them. With that in mind, you will need to be sure to give each different type of tree the type of soil, fertilizer, and water that it requires.

Discovering Your Potted Plants’ Needs

Here at Designer Plants, we are developing a growing library of material about our plants, and about similar plants that we might have from time to time. In addition to our online information, we are always glad to assist our customers with any questions they might have about plants they have purchased from us. We take every precaution to insure the health of the plants we offer for sale.

Other Considerations

In addition, we are fully licensed to sustainably harvest trees such as the  Xanthorrhoea glauca grass tree, and similarly protected trees. We specialize in moving mature trees, especially those that might be endangered by new construction or other environmental considerations. Most of our trees are grown right here in Australia, many on our own acreage. This means there is an important preventative measure for you because it limits options for infestations by pests.

As you might guess, spring is busy here, but it is one of our favorite seasons. If you like growing things, we suspect it is your favorite season, too.


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