Dragon Tree

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  • WATCH: 20 years of growth in a Dragon Tree

    The dragon tree will grow its trunk first, it will flare out the middle, then it starts to form its next set of branching. From where it initially starts to branch…

  • WATCH: How long it takes for Dragon Tree to grow

    The leaf structure will come out in the initial year and then you’ll start to see some trunk starting to form on these little branches.

  • WATCH: Trimming a Dragon Tree

    Where the green reads the brown on the leaf right there on the dragon tree. As you can see just here, that’s where we cut them.

  • WATCH: How to trim a Dragon Tree

    We get clients that ring up asking about stripping the leaves off. What happens is with the dragon tree, guys, if you do strip the leaves off…

  • WATCH: Dragon Tree flowering process

    Once it’s flowered, the dragon tree will not feed the original leaves. It stops feeding those leaves and it starts to focus on the small branches coming through on the sides.

  • WATCH: When will my dragon tree flower?

    I often get a phone call to say, “Okay, when’s my dragon tree going to flower?” Or, “When are the branches going to start coming out?”

  • Dragon Tree: For Cleaner Indoor Air

    Dragon trees are amazing. Like many plants, they can help clean the air through the simple process of taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Since this is a characteristic of most plants, it…