The Top 4 Feature Trees

Every garden needs something special; a plant that really makes a statement and gives that space a wow factor. Whether you’ve got a small garden that’s only suitable for container-grown trees, or a sprawling landscape that needs a new focal point, these four feature trees are capable of instantly transforming an outdoor area.

The Glauca Grass Tree

There are about 30 different types of grass tree out there, but the Glauca Grass Tree is, without a doubt, the most impressive. Although this evergreen tree can reach up to five metres in height, it’s a slow-grower, making it perfect for gardens of all sizes.

This is a tree with an incredibly unique form – its stocky, black, and textured trunk is topped with blue/green leaves, with spikes of white flowers emerging from above the foliage in the winter. A multi-headed specimen is even more impressive, adding a contemporary architectural appeal to the space around it.


The Queensland Bottle Tree

The Queensland Bottle Tree never fails as a conversation starter, making it the perfect feature tree.  Its bulbous trunk is shaped like an elegant bottle, providing a dramatic focal point whether grown in the ground or in a pot.

Although this tree isn’t an evergreen, its trunk still gives it year-round appeal. The leaves usually drop off at some point between September and December, but this is quickly followed by a vivid display of cream and red flowers, which then make way for lush new foliage.


The Mango Tree

While the Mango Tree can be successfully grown in a pot, it makes for a truly magnificent feature tree when allowed to flourish to its full potential in the ground. This deep-rooted tree is most commonly grown for its delicious fruits, but its dense and glossy evergreen foliage, which is blanketed with a dazzling array of fragrant pink flowers in the spring, has a beautiful ornamental quality too.

Although this isn’t a frost-hardy tree, it thrives in the tropical and subtropical regions of Australia. If you are able to provide the tree with the right growing conditions, it will require very little attention over the years, making it a good choice for those looking for a low-maintenance tree.


The Dragon Tree

The slow-growing Dragon Tree starts off its life as a single stem, steadily growing upwards for 10-15 years before branching out. The warmer your climate, the taller this subtropical tree will grow, usually stopping when it reaches around 15 metres in height.

The leggy branches that reach out from the thick and scaly trunk are topped with an umbrella of blue-green, sword-shaped leaves. Fragrant, lily-like flowers sprinkle their way across the canopy in the early summer, before making way for shiny orange or red berries. This is a tree that works well either as a standalone or planted in a group, although it’s also a popular houseplant for those in colder climates who want to add a feature tree to their interior.

Whether it has evergreen foliage or an attention-grabbing trunk, a good feature tree should provide aesthetic interest throughout the year. Pick one that’s suitable for the conditions that you can provide and you’ll be rewarded with a focal point for your garden that will grow even more impressive as the years go on.


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