Best Designer Trees

Looking to add something a little extra-special to your garden?

A designer tree is what you need. Elegant, architectural, and attention-grabbing, these designer trees can instantly transform an outdoor space.


The Tree Aloe

You’ve probably heard of aloe vera – well, the tree aloe is related, but grows so much larger. Although its trunk can expand to three metres in diameter and 20 metres in height, the tree has a neat growing habit that requires very little maintenance over the years.

Since the tree aloe is evergreen, it provides year-round interest. It also rewards in the winter with exquisite flowers that decorate each branch. Just like aloe vera, the tree aloe has medicinal properties too, making it a multi-functional designer tree to add to your garden.


The Queensland Bottle Tree

With its curved, bottle-shaped trunk, the Queensland Bottle Tree is instantly recognisable. It’s one of the best native designer trees out there, not only because of its resiliency and how easy it is to grow, but also for the unique sculptural shape that it adds to a garden. This tree also has a fascinating history – it used to provide everything from water to food to twine to the Aboriginal people.

Although not technically an evergreen tree since it drops its leaves in the spring, these are quickly followed by delicate flowers and a new flush of foliage. Plus, with such a one-of-a-kind trunk, this is a tree that always provides dramatic visual appeal, no matter the time of year.


The Beaked Yucca Tree

If you want a tree that’s guaranteed to be a conversation-starter, the beaked yucca is the tree to go for. With its large, stout trunk and shaggy rosettes of blue/green leaves, this tropical-looking tree becomes an instant focal point when added to a garden.

Being an evergreen, the beaked yucca looks impressive year-round, but really steals the show each summer when it produces its tall spires of scented flowers that soar over the tops of the foliage. This is an extremely hardy and resilient designer tree, suitable for growing all over the country, even in areas that experience climatic extremes.


The Tahitian Lime Tree

The Tahitian lime tree is a must for fans of citrus fruits, and is one of the most cold-tolerant in its species. In addition to its evergreen, glossy foliage, this tree flowers and fruits throughout the year, with production dramatically increasing as the tree ages. The lemon-sized limes are packed with flavour and are a great source of vitamin C.

Although this is a tree that requires minimal pruning, it does take well to being clipped and shaped, giving it the potential to be trained into a truly unique specimen tree. It’s also a tree that is greatly loved by the birds and the bees, making it a great one for attracting wildlife into a garden.


Designer trees don’t need to be difficult to care for when you choose the right variety. Whether you want a sculptural and attention-grabbing ornamental, or a multi-functional specimen that also produces food, you’re guaranteed to be able to find a designer tree that meets those requirements.


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