Choosing a GRC Planter for Your Avocado Tree

The Avocados Tree produce healthy, delicious fruits and it is a very rewarding process growing your own harvest, regardless of where you live. The Avo Tree is a tropical plant unsuited to very cold climates, but our selection of online pots provides the ultimate solution for indoor cultivation, or for gardens and limited spaces.

The variety of glass fibre concrete (GRC) pots are durable and lightweight making them safe and easy to move while reducing the weight load on any structure. GRC planters are the ideal containers in which to grow your Avo Tree. Their aesthetic appeal provides a naturalistic design to any garden or home setting, they are weather-proof so will not rust or corrode if set outside and are non-toxic using naturally occurring earth oxides.

When preparing to plant an Avo Tree, choose one of our large GRC pots where a 60-litre pot will be a suitable size for your tree’s lifespan. The Avocado Tree’s root system is relatively shallow so good drainage is essential to avoid saturation that will cause the roots to rot and affect the plant’s health.

Ready your new GRC pot with soil and carefully untangle the plant’s roots if necessary. Using a light potting soil to aid in draining excess water, fill the GRC planter with potting soil ensuring it is tightly packed around the Avo Tree. The amount of water and sunlight that the plant is exposed to is essential for successful growing. Overwatering can damage the tree, so it’s recommended to use a moisture gauge or simply feel the soil to test if it’s dry and crumbly, in which case it will need water. Another good indicator of the moisture level is to observe the colour of the leaves. Yellowing leaves means the Avo Tree is receiving too much water but if the tip of the leaves go brown, it means your plant is thirsty.

With your tree planted in one of the new pots, position it in a sunny area. If keeping it indoors, set it near a window that gets sufficient light. Older trees thrive on getting as much direct sunlight as possible whereas trees that are 3 years old or younger are more sensitive to sunburn on their stems and leaves. Because our GRC pots are lighter, you can move the tree around to ensure it gets optimal exposure to favourable conditions so during sunny days it can be outside but then easier to bring indoors during frosty or cold evenings.

Additionally, there are some care and maintenance tips that are worth nothing.

  • If the lower branches bear fruit, the branches could break from the weight. In this case, using a stake or tying the branches to the trunk will offer better support.
  • Keep your tree away from diseased plants. Avo Trees are not resilient when exposed to pests and diseases so this is another benefit in having a lightweight GRC pot where you can move the plant to safety.
  • Because the young Avo Tree is sensitive, it is recommended to add fertilizer annually after the plant has reached at least 3 years.
  • Once your tree is thriving and growing, you may be tempted to transplant it from the pot to the ground. But unless you live in a warm climate or cultivating a species adapted to your area, this is not recommended. Exposure to a sharp drop in temperature could cause irreparable damage to your Avo Tree.

Growing an Avo Tree in a GRC pot gives you better control over the conditions that your plant is exposed to and it will provide an appealing feature to your homely surroundings.


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