Potscaping 101: 5 Ways to Use Pots in Your Garden

If you’ve never heard of potscaping before, prepare to be inspired. This gardening trend makes use of traditional landscaping elements, with the difference being that all plants are grown in pots instead of in the ground. It’s a great way for those with smaller gardens to make the most of their space, while those with larger gardens can use potscaping to accentuate certain features and create new focal points.


Unusual Groupings

If your plant pots are all lined up in a row, here’s a trick to make your garden look more luscious. Try grouping your pots in various arrangements – odd numbers tend to work better together.

This is a great way to brighten up dull area of your garden borders as certain plants die back. You don’t have to relegate yourself to only using flowering plants either – an evergreen tree, such as a Dragon Tree, in a large GRC pot can easily be moved around your garden to add some greenery to sparse areas.


Strategic Placements

Plant pots, especially decorative ones, quickly catch the eye. They’re ideal for creating different focal points around a garden. Place a couple of potted olive trees at the start of a path, or line flowering plants in pots around buildings or structures to give them some colour.


Adding Colour

Most people turn to the plants within a pot to add colour to their gardens, but the pots themselves can do this too. You’ll find pots available in so many different colours and designs. You could either go with two striking traditional colours to add some contrast to an area, or pick bright and cheery shades to liven your garden up.


Look Up

Pots are great for vertical gardening. They allow you to adjust your setup as and when needed, making it easy to grow different plants with the seasons.

It’s easy to get started with vertical gardening. Simply choose a wall, fence, or any other vertical structure and then suspend your pots to this. Whatever you choose to suspend them with will need to be strong. Even if you go for a lightweight pot material, such as GRC, the weight of wet soil, along with the plants within, will still be pretty heavy.


Growing New Plants

One of the advantages of growing plants in pots is that you have total control over the soil that your plants are growing in. This gives you so many more options when it comes to choosing which plants to grow.

For example, a Golden Barrel Cactus will do best in cactus soil. Chances are that this isn’t the mix that you have in your garden. Rather than planting a cactus in the ground anyway, only for it to struggle for the next few years, grow it in a pot instead so that you can give it all that it needs.



Plant pots are so much more versatile than many realise. They can be used in so many ways, making it no surprise that the potscaping trend has really taken off. If you have some old plant pots lying around, use a few of these ideas to do something different with them – you’ll be surprised at just how much of an impact a few pots can have.


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