Using Pots as Design Elements

Strategically placing grc pots throughout the garden and in enclosed or empty spaces can provide unique design solutions. Plant containers can enhance the aesthetics of your garden, patio, entryways, and paths as well as block views of unsightly areas such as drains and piping.

Placing your pots along garden beds and other structural elements introduces colours and shapes and creates an embellishment that helps resolve any design challenges in and around your property.

We’ve listed a few ideas on how to use a grc pot to enhance design across horizontal surroundings.

Containers for Direction and Transition

Assemble a group of small pots or place a large GRC feature pot where paths meet to create a focal point that catches the eye and draws you into the garden. You can also use containers to direct traffic through the garden and to mark transitions where a porch leads to a pathway, when surfaces change from paved to unpaved, and where the elevation changes.

Grc pots are great elements that enhance and control the movement from one space to the next. Wherever you place an arrangement of eye-catching containers, it encourages you to slow down your pace and visually take in the ensemble. Having a display of terracotta or fibreglass pots on the edge of a patio can prevent visitors from stepping off and forging new paths across the lawn. Lining stairs is another practical way to control access between different areas as you move through the garden.

Filling Empty Spaces

Use a trellis or collection of pots to adorn a blank wall or blank space by creating a framework of foliage and flowers. Any space that is uninteresting or dull can be brought to life with varying heights and colours. Whether you incorporate grass trees with their bursting crown of leaves or add fruit trees like the olive or mango tree, you will be able to enrich space both horizontally and vertically.

Bring Borders and Terraces to Life

Your grc pots become furnishings for the garden and when placed along garden borders and intimate spaces, they breathe new life into any garden design. Potted perennials, annuals, and trees offer flexibility and can be moved around to spruce up and transform areas by including plants with different textures and height. Coloured and terracotta pots also bring purpose by providing a visually interesting array of versatile elements.

Tips for Placing Containers

Choose containers that blend in with your garden theme. Small grc pots scattered around the garden don’t provide a cohesive structure and would do best to be grouped together closer to the house. Larger pots will work anywhere.

Creating different levels in a grouped display enhances the focal point while repetition is another good technique to use across a garden. For example, using identical pots holding Yuccas or Aloes that are evenly spaced gives an enhanced linear feature against a wall or lining a pool. Large containers reinforce the garden structure and are subtle ways to direct visitors around your garden.

The key to successful planting using your grc pots is to group plants with similar watering and maintenance needs. Plants that need the same sunlight or shady conditions and care requirements should be placed within the same area to lighten your workload so maintenance and plant care is not a hassle but a pleasure.


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