This Fast-Growing Succulent Tree Could Transform Your Garden

Looking for a garden tree that’ll grow quickly, not demand too much attention, and give your garden a year-round “wow” factor? The Tree Aloe could be exactly what you need.


What is a Tree Aloe and What Does it Look Like?

Just like all aloes, the Tree Aloe (Aloe Barberae) is a succulent plant. However, at 20 metres in height once mature, this one towers over all of the other aloe varieties, making it a dramatic addition to any garden.

The Tree Aloe has multiple branches that lead up to a rounded crown. Its trunk is smooth, its foliage evergreen, and its salmon-coloured flowers are loved by wildlife.


Where Does the Aloe Barberae Come From?

The Tree Aloe is native to the southern parts of Africa, but it has also been found in northern and eastern regions too. It thrives in coastal forests and warm valleys, doing best in a subtropical climate.


The Benefits of Growing a Tree Aloe

In addition to being evergreen, meaning that a Tree Aloe will be there to add some colour and life to your garden even in the depths of winter, this succulent is also a fast grower. Give it what it needs and it’ll produce up to 30cm of growth a year, making it a good choice for those looking to fill a large empty space.

It also happens to be an easy tree to look after. Once established, it won’t need much watering. It doesn’t need to be fertilised either, and you likely won’t have to deal with pests and diseases. This is a very resilient and low-maintenance tree – perfect for those of you with a busy schedule!

While primarily grown in home gardens for its ornamental qualities, the Tree Aloe is also considered to be a medicinal plant. Just like its more-famous relative, Aloe Vera, Aloe Barberae leaves also contain a thick gel that can be used topically to treat various skin conditions.


Would a Tree Aloe Be Happy in Your Garden?

As mentioned, Tree Aloes do best in subtropical environments, but they’ll grow just about anywhere in Australia. That said, they aren’t frost-hardy. If you would like to grow a Tree Aloe in a colder climate, you’ll need to provide winter protection.

Fortunately, the Aloe Barberae does very well when grown in a pot. This then allows you to bring the tree indoors over the winter months. Be sure to choose a lightweight but strong pot material, such as GRC, to ensure that the tree isn’t too heavy when it needs to be moved.

The Aloe Barberae does require a sunny site, but isn’t fussy when it comes to soil type. So long as you’re able to keep it warm enough and give it enough space (it has a very extensive root system), it’ll more than likely flourish in your garden.


Where to Buy a Tree Aloe

As always, it’s important to make sure that you buy your garden trees from a reputable nursery, such as ours. Our experienced staff will talk you through everything you need to know about choosing, planting, and caring for a Tree Aloe. You’ll also find plenty of variety on-site when you pay us a visit – whether you want a young sapling or a mature specimen with a thick trunk, we’re confident that we’ll have the perfect tree for you. Feel free to get in touch for more information!


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