How to Choose the Perfect Planting Spot for a New Garden Tree

Purchased a new tree for your garden?

Here’s how to pick the best planting spot to ensure that your new tree thrives.


How Big is Your New Tree Going to Get?

The very first thing to consider when choosing a planting site for a new tree is space and size. You’ll need to make sure that you pick a spot that allows your tree to properly mature, not only in terms of spread but also when it comes to height.

Look up – if there are any power lines up above, then that’s not a suitable site for your new tree, unless it happens to be a very low-growing one.

While low-growing trees are great for limited spaces, be careful when planting them next to pathways, as branches can sometimes become quite the obstacle.


How Much Sunlight Does Your New Garden Tree Need?

Some trees, especially fruit trees, do best when they are exposed to full sun.

However, other trees end up scorched when exposed to full sun and instead do better with a small amount of shade.

Make sure that you check how much sunlight your new tree needs before choosing a planting site. This isn’t an issue if you’re growing your tree in a pot, since the pot can be moved with the seasons, but for those planting their tree in the ground, sunlight needs are important to consider.


Are There Any Buildings or Structures Nearby?

Tree roots are notorious for causing damage to buildings and other structures, such as pathways. They can also interfere with pipes, plumbing, and underground power lines.

If you’re planting a large tree, try to pick a site that’s at least 15 feet away from any buildings or other structures. Smaller trees can be planted a little nearer, unless the specific tree you’ve chosen is known for having a particularly extensive root system.


Does the Tree Produce Edible Fruits?

While some garden trees are purely ornamental, others produce edible fruits too. If you plan on harvesting these, then there are a couple of things you need to think about when choosing a planting location.

Firstly, if the fruit that your tree produces is one that the birds love, then chances are that you’ll need to net your tree while the fruits are ripening. This means that your tree should be in a location that allows for easy netting, meaning that it shouldn’t have too many other plants around it.

If you have a big garden but are planting a tree that can be harvested and used year-round, such as the Tahitian Lime Tree, then you may want to pick a nearby to your kitchen, just for convenience.

However, keep in mind that some fruit trees can end up making quite a mess when the fruits drop. For this reason, keep them away from pathways, unless you’re willing to pick up fallen fruits each day.

Most trees don’t do well when they’re moved around frequently, making it important to pick the perfect planting site right from the start. Some garden trees will last for several generations, and the planting spot you pick will have a huge influence on how well your tree does in the years to come.


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