Trendy Trees: 3 Garden Trees in High Demand

Looking for a way to update and modernise your garden? We’ve been busy exploring some of the top tree trends of 2021 – many are guaranteed to be short-lived fads that aren’t worth your time or money, but others have true merit, along with the ability to completely transform your garden. If a new garden tree is what you’re after, here are three that everyone has been, or will be, talking about.


The Queensland Bottle Tree

Native, sustainable, environmentally-friendly – these buzzwords are everywhere at the moment, and they each perfectly describe the Queensland Bottle Tree. If you like the idea of planting a piece of Australian history and heritage in your garden, then this garden tree, which was first brought to attention by the Indigenous people and has continued to play a part in local culture, is the one for you.

It’s elegant, easy to look after, and will add a sculptural quality to your garden throughout the year. It’s also a tree that’s loved by local wildlife, and creating a wildlife-friendly habitat in your garden is another major trend at the moment.


The Avocado Tree

Avocados have dominated the headlines in recent years. To start with, they were a superfood that everyone wanted. They’re packed with key nutrients that can benefit a person’s health in many ways. However, the increased demand for avocados meant that swathes of forests have been decimated to make way for avocado farms. This, along with the carbon footprint involved in transporting avocados all over the world, gave them the reputation of being environmentally-friendly.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to give avocados up – do as many others are now doing and plant an avocado tree in your garden instead! You’ll be involving yourself in the “grow your own” movement, another trend that has stuck around, providing fresh, nutrient-rich, and delicious fruits for your entire family to enjoy.


The Tahitian Lime Tree

Being a citrus tree that encompasses multiple trends in one, it’s easy to see why the Tahitian Lime tree has become a must-have. For starters, it’s evergreen, giving your garden a lushness year-round. Next, it produces beautifully-scented flowers, again, throughout the year. The scented part will appeal to many – more and more people are looking to build up the multi-sensory experience that their gardens offer.

Finally, the Tahitian Lime Tree produces heavy crops of juicy fruits throughout the year. This makes it both an edible and an ornamental addition to a garden, with this multipurpose quality a large part of its popularity. Even better? This is a garden tree that’s easy to grow. Whether you plant it in the ground or in a large GRC pot, the Tahitian lime tree is one of the most cold-tolerant and adaptable of all citrus trees, making it a great one for beginners.



While you should never jump onto the bandwagon for every single trend that arises, there are some that are worth taking note of. Whether you plant one or decide to grow them all, these three trendy trees promise to offer value for generations to come.


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