WATCH: 20 years of growth in a Dragon Tree


Hi guys, welcome back. We’ve had some callers requesting some information on the growth again on the dragon tree. The way it is, the dragon tree will grow its trunk first, its main trunk it will flare out the middle, then it starts to form its next set of branching. From this point here, from where it initially starts to branch, to its next point where the flower pod will come out of the middle is generally about nine to 10 years. We cut the flower part off again through this section here. With this particular tree it has thrown it’s branching again, and it’s now just started to throw its flower pod again up the top. As you can see, we’ve left these on for you to see. It’s thrown its branch again, it’s flower pod, we cut the flower part off this particular dragon tree and it will now start to form more branching.

The age of this particular tree from this point here, you’re looking at between say 10 and 20 years from when it started to branch, to the point where it is at now. You’ve got almost a meter, 800 to a meter in trunk.


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