WATCH: When will my dragon tree flower?


Okay, guys, today, I’m just going to explain to you viewers on what a single headed dragon tree does. I often get a phone call to say, “Okay, when’s my dragon tree going to flower?” Or, “When are the branches going to start coming out?”

Okay, so what happens is with this particular … with any particular dragon tree, genetically they are like people, some tall, some short, some a little bit bigger than others. So what happens is the dragon tree will initially grow on a single trunk. Okay. When it has flowered above, when it is thrown its flower stalk, what we do is we cut the flower stalk off and then the branches begin to happen.

Now, once it has started that process, the dragon tree does not get any taller in the trunk. That’s it. It is grown its height. It will then start to spread its arms. So for those viewers that are asking, when does it actually flower? Well, genetically, they’re like people, some I’m tall, some short. So the dragon tree, again once it flowers, genetically if it comes from a tall dragon tree, the seed, well then it will be a tall tree. If it comes from a shorter tree, well then it will be a shorter tree. Thank you.


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