3 Garden Trees That Don’t Need to Be Watered Often

Want to add to your garden but don’t have much time for maintenance? One of the responsibilities that come with having garden trees lies in ensuring that your trees are receiving all of the water they need. That said, there’s no denying that manually watering trees can sometimes feel like a chore, especially during a hot and dry summer when some plants require excess water up to twice a day.

With climate change throwing our weather patterns into fluctuation, those hot and dry summers are likely to become even more commonplace. So, if you’d like to keep your garden low-maintenance, consider investing in one of these three trees – not only will they handle the heat with ease, but they also won’t require much manual watering once established.


The Queensland Bottle Tree

Let’s start with one of our favourite trees; the Queensland Bottle Tree. During wet weather, the tree absorbs large amounts of water and stores this just underneath its inner bark. As a result, it can cope with dry periods since it has its own little reservoir to draw from.

The roots of a Queensland Bottle Tree run very deep. This also helps the tree to find water underground, even during the driest of spells. That said, you may notice your tree dropping some leaves during a drought, but don’t be alarmed – this is normal and your tree will soon replace these with healthy foliage.


The Blue Grass Tree

Also known as the Glauca Grass Tree, this is a tree that not only doesn’t need much water, but it doesn’t want much water either. Grass trees hate soggy ground – in the wild, they choose to grow in dry, rocky spots where they won’t have to deal with pools of water around their roots.

Chances are that you won’t need to water your Blue Grass Tree at all once it has been established. Even better, this tree is naturally resistant to most pests and diseases – there really aren’t many trees that are easier to look after!


The Dragon Tree

Another one of our favourite trees, the majestic Dragon Tree is loved for its drought-tolerant nature. Once established in the ground, this tree is unlikely to need any supplementary watering at all.

In fact, one of the main reasons why some people struggle to keep a Dragon Tree alive is due to over-watering. So, make sure that you plant yours in soil that has good drainage – this means that not only will your tree be able to cope with dry periods, but it’ll do just fine during wetter spells too.



Growing trees that don’t need to be manually watered, even in the intense heat of the summer, can be such a major time-saver, not to mention a water-saver too! So, if you’re searching for a tree that’ll do well on its own, without much intervention required on your part, these are the three trees that we would recommend considering.


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