The Top Garden Trends for 2022

Looking for a way to update your garden? We’ve got all of the inspiration that you need – here are some of our favourite garden trends for 2022.

Dark Red Fruits

This may seem like a bit of a strange trend at first, but once you understand how red-coloured fruits are packed with anthocyanins (plant compounds that are revered for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties), it starts to make more sense.

From rosy red apple varieties to the deep ruby of pomegranates, more and more people are now turning towards growing their own red fruits to keep themselves healthy while the pandemic rages on.

Shades of Green

Here’s another colour-focused garden trend for you – incorporating as many different shades of green as possible into your landscape. How did this one come about? It’s all thanks to the calming and soothing effects that green shades offer. In a time of instability, people want a garden that can significantly help to relieve their stress and anxiety.

Some of our favourite green plants are the Queensland Bottle Tree, the Dragon Tree, and the Grass Tree. All are evergreen, meaning that you’ll be able to benefit from their stress-busting powers throughout the year.

Statement Plant Pots

You’ve probably heard of statement trees, but how about statement plant pots? The concept is the same – a plant pot that’s decorative enough to be a feature in itself, with this only providing even more interest once you’ve actually placed a plant into it.

We always recommend large GRC pots to those who are looking for statement planters. They’re lightweight but incredibly sturdy and weather-resistant. Even better, GRC pots come in just about every shape, size, and style that you could imagine. Go with a supersized planter if you have the space. Or, if you’re limited when it comes to size, pick a few smaller pots that are bright and bold in colour.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardens

With Covid halting travel plans for many, people are now seeking out ways to invite nature into their gardens so that they can experience that connection they so desperately seek. As a result, sales of everything from bird feeders to insect hotels to wildflower seeds have been soaring.

One of our top tips for making a garden as wildlife-friendly as possible is to fill that space with native plants. After all, these are the plants that the wildlife in your local area have evolved to depend on for food and shelter. Looking for a native tree that both you and the wildlife can feast on together? Consider the Native Australian Finger Lime – the birds and the bees will love the flowers, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits.


Each year, the top garden trends that emerge are usually a reflection of what’s going on in the world around us. The trends for 2022 have been greatly influenced by the effects of the pandemic, but, fortunately, they’re all trends that are easy to embrace and will help to elevate your garden even further.


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