4 Must-Have Trees for a Tropical-Inspired Garden

There’s nothing quite like the relaxation that takes over your body when surrounded by a lush, tropical paradise. Fortunately, that feeling isn’t limited to those who live near the equator. No matter where about in Australia you may be, you can give your garden a dramatic tropical flair with these four feature trees.


The Dragon Tree

Native to the Canary Islands, the Dragon Tree is a subtropical tree, and it definitely looks the part. This dramatic tree could quickly become your garden’s new focal point, so think carefully about where you place it. Keep in mind that the Dragon Tree grows pretty slowly, so if you’re wanting an instant transformation, you’ll need to pick quite a large specimen to begin with.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a wider space to fill, consider planting a group of smaller Dragon Trees. These provide such a luxurious, tropical feel to any garden, adding color, texture, movement, and ambience all at once.


The Mango Tree

A tropical garden goes hand-in-hand with tropical fruits, making a Mango Tree a great addition. These naturally grow in both tropical and sub-tropical regions, meaning that they prefer a little warmth.

However, if you live in a colder part of the country, a Mango Tree can still be a part of your tropical dream. These fruit trees do surprisingly well in pots, so long as you pick a container that’s large enough to comfortably accommodate your tree’s growing roots. When grown in pots, you can then move your trees indoors once the frost hits each autumn, before moving them back out into your tropical paradise in the spring.


The Tree Aloe

Another tree that comes from subtropical regions, the Tree Aloe is at once visually impressive. Once you understand just how medicinal those leaves are, you’ll love it even more.

Unlike the other trees on this list, the succulent Tree Aloe grows quite quickly. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a younger tree that can grow with the rest of their garden, while still making a noticeable impression. Since this plant can grow up to about 60 feet in height, keep in mind that you will need to regularly prune it to keep it to a desirable size.


The Avocado Tree

Another great choice for a fruit-producing tropical garden is the Avocado Tree. If you go for a cold-hardy variety, those as far south as Melbourne can grow their Avocado Trees outdoors throughout the year. For everyone else, plant your Avocado Tree into a pot, so that you can move it to a frost-free location in the winter.

Larger Avocado Tree specimens look exquisite, especially when in flower. However, even smaller, pot-grown trees have such a charming presence to them, making them ideal for filling in any gaps that you may have in your tropical garden.

A tropical-inspired garden is all about lush greenery and rich, vivid colors, which is exactly what these four trees provide. Whether you pick one standout specimen or go for multiple plantings of different tropical trees, now is the perfect time of year to start adding them into your garden.


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