5 Tips for Growing Trees in Pots

Some trees do so well in pots, but they require a different level of care to those grown in the ground. Here are five tips to ensure that your potted trees flourish in the best way possible.


Choose the Right Tree

If you plan on growing a tree in a pot, then ideally you want to pick a slow-growing tree that will do well when its roots are constricted. The Dragon Tree is a great example – although it takes about ten years to grow to a metre tall, it still provides a year-round focal point in a garden when grown in a pot.

Dwarf tree varieties work well in pots too, since these trees are naturally smaller and more compact.


Choose the Right Pot

From material to size to shape, there are so many points to consider when choosing a pot. When it comes to pots for trees, look for online pots that are going to be large enough to accommodate your tree’s growing roots.

Unless you want to be watering even more than you would otherwise need to, avoid terracotta pots – soil often dries out faster in these. A good alternative would be large GRC pots, which are made from a mix of concrete and fibreglass. Even the largest GRC pots are still lightweight, meaning that you’ll easily be able to move your tree around your garden if needed.


Use the Right Soil

Pots can often become waterlogged, especially during a heavy rainfall. However, if your tree ends up sitting in water for long periods of time, this can lead to rot.

Even if your pot already has plenty of drainage holes, it’s still important to use the right soil to encourage drainage even more. Making your own soil mix, with compost, perlite, and sand, is easy, or you can purchase a dedicated tree potting mix from your local garden centre.

A good potting mix will still need some extra nutrients added in on a regular basis. A slow-release fertiliser is ideal for pots, keeping the tree going once the nutrients in the soil start to run low.


Keep an Eye on Moisture Levels

The soil in a pot dries out much faster than soil in the ground, meaning that manual watering will be necessary at various points of the year.

While you want your pot to dry out to a certain extent before each watering, never let the soil within go completely dry, as this will cause your tree to suffer.


Potting Up Will Be Necessary

Even a slow-growing tree is going to outgrow its pot at some point, meaning that you’ll need to pot it up. Have a look for a new online pot that is larger than the one you’re currently using.

Be careful when transplanting your tree – many have quite sensitive roots, so you want to avoid disturbing or damaging them as much as possible.

There are so many online pots out there that are perfect for trees – matching the right tree to the right pot will result in a very healthy and happy plant. While you do need to do things a little differently when growing trees in pots, the extra care that you provide will be worth it in the long run – your potted tree could be by your side for many years to come!


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