5 Trees That Are Perfect for the NSW Climate

Here in NSW, we’re blessed with quite a warm climate. Summers feel almost tropical while winters are generally mild and tolerable. This opens up plenty of options when it comes to picking new trees for a NSW garden. There are so many different species that thrive in this part of the world, but here are 5 trees that are Perfect for the NSW Climate:


The Queensland Bottle Tree

Let’s begin with one of our bestselling trees – the Queensland Bottle Tree. This tree is native to the northern parts of NSW, but it does well throughout the state, so long as you’re able to meet its basic growing requirements. Being a highly adaptable and drought-tolerant tree, this isn’t hard to do – give it plenty of sunshine and deep soil and your new tree will flourish!


The Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree comes from the Canary Islands, meaning that it prefers a sub-tropical climate. Many parts of NSW can offer this, making this tree another top choice. Even if your garden experiences light frosts in the winter, a Dragon Tree should cope – it can handle short periods of frost and cool temperatures, along with drought and salty soil, which shows just how versatile this tree is.


The Australian Finger Lime

Here’s another native tree to add to your collection – the Finger Lime Tree. Even better, this one is edible – you’ll be able to enjoy its juicy citrus fruits each autumn. Keep in mind that these fruits are considered a culinary delicacy, so growing your own should save you a fair bit of money! Again, this tree is native to the sub-tropical areas of NSW, but, unlike the Dragon Tree, this one won’t tolerate much frost at all.


The Avocado Tree

Avocados are widely produced in Australia, with NSW being one of the main growing areas for this superfruit. So, it goes without saying that avocado trees absolutely thrive here – they have done since the 18th century, and new and improved varieties mean that they’ll continue to do so, even with climate change to deal with. Of course, not only is this a tree worth growing for its hefty harvests, but it’s also a stunning ornamental tree with beautiful evergreen foliage.


The Yucca Filifera

If your garden is in a frost pocket, then consider the Yucca Filifera. This is one of the fastest growing of all of the yucca varieties, yet it still offers the same dramatic impact when it comes to appearances. Even better, this tree will tolerate frosts, even for longer periods, without the need for protection. It really isn’t fussy when it comes to growing conditions, making it ideal for a low-maintenance garden.



Make the right choices and you’ll see how easy it is to have a diverse and vibrant garden in NSW. Each of the trees we’ve featured offers something a little different, yet they’ll all thrive in this climate. Even better, they’re all really easy to care for. Ready to add one of the above trees to your garden? You’re in luck – we stock them all! Get in touch for more information.


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