The Top Patio Trends for 2022

We often cover the hottest new gardening trends each year, but there’s one part of the garden that frequently gets overlooked; the humble patio. Whether you have a sprawling patio in your back garden that’s desperate for an update or a small balcony space that you want to make the most of, here are some of our favourite patio trends for 2022.


Edible Gardens

If you want your patio to feel lush and inviting, then it needs plenty of greenery. However, rather than filling it with ornamental plants, go with an edible garden instead. There are plenty of low-maintenance edible plants and trees that are capable of adding interest to your patio throughout the year. The Native Australian Finger Lime Tree and the Olive Tree are both great examples!

Of course, to do this, you’ll need a selection of pots and containers. We would recommend opting for GRC pots if you want something sturdy and long-lasting, yet lightweight enough for you to be able to regularly rearrange things if you wish.


Extending the Outdoor Living Season

Chances are that you only really hang out on your patio at certain times of the year. Once the unbearable heat of the summer sets in, or the frosty days of winter, people tend to flock back indoors.

So, this trend is all about extending your patio time. Invest in some heat for the winter and some shade for the summer. This is easier than you would think. For heat, go with patio heaters, or even a fire pit. For shade, plant some trees with large canopies around your patio – we love the Dragon Tree for this. You could also purchase a mister to help cool you down in the summer – humidity-loving plants will appreciate this too!


Outdoor Kitchens

Remember that edible garden we mentioned earlier? You can elevate things even further by setting up some sort of outdoor kitchen on your patio.

This doesn’t have to be anything complex and intricate (although it could be!). You can keep things simple with a small and compact pizza oven, or you could go all out with a large, multi-purpose grill. Either way, don’t forget to also add some seating areas to your patio so that you can enjoy your outdoor-cooked meal al fresco!


Go Vertical

Don’t have much floor space left on your patio? That’s okay – turn your attention to your vertical space instead!

This is often a neglected area when it comes to patios. Our favourite way to turn things around is by setting up some vertical planters. Whether you have a fence, a wall, or anything else surrounding your patio, find a way to attach an array of pots to that structure, and then fill those pots with some lush plants. If you don’t have any nearby structures, set up a trellis – this is so easy to do, and it’ll provide a beautiful frame for climbing plants. Surround your hanging/climbing plants with a string of fairy lights to give your patio a magical touch.



We love each of these trends because of how they have the potential to completely change the way in which a person uses their patio. Give them a try and you’ll soon find yourself spending more time outside, with a whole new appreciation for your outdoor space.


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