5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

Many find themselves feeling restricted and uninspired when trying to design a small garden. However, when it comes to outdoor spaces, good things really do very often come in small packages.

Smaller gardens are cheaper to fill, easier to maintain, and so much fun to experiment with. Here are five ways to get started:


Trees are a Must

Every garden needs some height, making trees a must. They’re also a great way to give your garden some extra privacy.

While many may assume that small trees are needed for a small garden, this isn’t always the case. One larger tree, such as a majestic Dragon Tree, could be so much more impactful, not only giving your garden a focal point, but also providing shade and protection.

Trees don’t need to be planted in the ground either. Just about every tree that you’ll find at our nursery takes well to being grown in a pot. Choose a pot that’s a suitable size and material (we usually recommend a large GRC pot for garden trees), and your tree should thrive.


Create Private Pockets

Not being able to see your entire garden in one go will give it the illusion of being larger than it is. So, create private little pockets around your garden. Again, you can use trees to do this, but hedging and large shrubs work well too.

Don’t forget to consider how everything will look in all seasons. If you usually favour deciduous plants, then your garden is going to seem very bare over the winter months. Try to incorporate a good mix of evergreens into your garden to keep your space looking lush year-round.


Bring in the Wildlife

A garden always feels so much more alive when it’s filled with a diverse array of wildlife. From insects to birds, attracting wildlife is easier than you’d think.

A good variety of plants is key to doing this. Try to opt for native species whenever possible – after all, those are the trees and plants that the local wildlife has evolved to depend on. For those of you in Australia, the Queensland Bottle Tree and the Glauca Grass Tree are two fantastic options.


Add More Colour

A colourful garden always looks much brighter, cheerier, and lighter. While there’s nothing wrong with filling your garden with plants of every colour, sticking with certain colour palettes can actually be very effective.

If you’d like to make an outdoor space feel more intimate, plants in shades of reds and warm yellows are what you need. On the other hand, cool colours, such as whites and blues, will make your garden appear larger.


Make Use of Vertical Space

You may not have much ground space, but don’t neglect all of that vertical space. Vertical gardening is a big trend at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. It makes use of what would have otherwise been wasted space, turning it into a productive area of your garden.

One way to get started is with hanging baskets. Pots on stands, as well as containers attached to fences, are great too. You can also try using walls or fences as supports for climbing plants – it’ll look absolutely lush in the summer, while helping to keep your garden cooler.



It can be tricky to know where to begin with a small garden, but once the ideas start flowing, you’ll realise just how creative you can get. There are so many ways to turn a small outdoor space into a leafy green paradise, giving you a garden that you can truly enjoy.


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