How to Make Your Garden Look More Rustic

The rustic look is a popular one in gardens. It provides a quaint and charming ambience that makes a garden instantly feel more comfortable and homely. No matter what style your garden may be, it’s still possible to add a few rustic elements in. Here’s how…

Rustic Garden Trees

Some trees work well in a contemporary garden, whereas others have a much more primitive and rustic feel to them. The Olive Tree is a great example – it’s been around for thousands of years, and that gnarly, twisted bark is the perfect embodiment of rusticity.

Native trees also work well. Look into the Queensland Bottle Tree for an elegant structure that has a huge rustic appeal. With its thick, blackened trunk that gives it quite a prehistoric appearance, the Glauca Grass Tree is another popular choice.

A Variety of Containers

Introducing different container styles into your garden is a great way to add some variety. You may be tempted to opt for pots made from traditionally rustic materials, such as wood, but keep in mind that many of these materials won’t hold up to the elements. Wood, for example, is notorious for rotting, as well as for keeping plants too moist.

Instead, explore the many options available when it comes to large GRC pots. This is a material that can be fashioned into a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Although GRC itself may not be very rustic, GRC pots can easily be made to look this way.


Country-Style Fencing

Got any fencing around or in your garden?

Swapping this for traditional, country-style fencing will immediately add a rustic flair. Hardwood is always a good option, and this is a material that will last for several years.

Alternatively, make use of tree branches and trimmings to create your own natural fence.


Mixed Paving

Most people usually opt for a single type of paving, but mixing a variety together is great for providing rustic charm.

Think cobblestones intermingled with old bricks and flagstones, with maybe the addition of some gravel to fill in any empty spaces.

Many of these materials can be found for free at your local salvage yard – rustic doesn’t have to cost too much money!


Natural Garden Furniture

If your garden furniture is made from a brightly coloured plastic, then this definitely won’t be helping in your quest for rusticity.

Ideally, swap this with furniture made from natural materials. Cane and bamboo are great options, as is wood. It doesn’t all need to match either – don’t be afraid to go for different furniture styles for your rustic garden, as it will all come together in the end.

The rustic look is becoming increasingly sought-after, and the best part is that it doesn’t need to cost too much money to achieve. Whether this means planting a few feature trees that give your garden an old-world feel, or switching out some of the plastic in your garden for more natural materials, the rustic look can be put together easily and quickly, giving your garden its own distinct character that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.


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