WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 8

On the last leg of this documentary, Tony comes across a “sea of blue” grass trees. Watch as he shows one that is branching and starting to flower.


Massive cathedral of grass trees growing all along here, all the way to the very end. Once these blue flushes completely open up, it’s going to be a sea of blue through these section here. We’ve got a bottle tree at the end. We’re going to put a massive bottle tree in that section just to capture the bottle trees in the background there.

What’s happening here with this grass tree? This grass tree has already branched just there. It’s trying to flower a spike in each of those branches. Out the top there, you can’t quite see it, but what happens is, it stops feeding all the old leaves. And they tend to form the skirt, all the new branches coming through. What it does is, the flower spikes come up, and then new branches start to form. So that will be a quadruple head very soon.

It’ll start growing in all different directions. Same with this particular tree here. As you can see, it’s got it’s flower through the middle, and now it’s got one, two, three, four branches.

But what we do is we let them grow a little, and then we’ll actually trim all the brown skirts off them so it’s just a sea of blue up at the top. I’ve got them all different shapes and sizes through here.

So this particular one’s branch, this Xanthorrhoea glauca has branched at a younger age compared to the rest. And it’s fine. Two branches, and there they are there. And now it’s done it again. At that point, and that point. And these are the heads that are growing on that. And this particular head up top has got to be a five heads on that. So over the next coming years, it will be an amazing tree, this Xanthorrhoea glauca.


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