WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 7

Dale and Tony continue their documentary across a wonderful botanical garden. Listen as they debate over a majestic Yucca Rostrata and also as they share their thoughts on Yucca Filiferas.


We probably got one of the biggest Yucca rostratas in Australia at this stage, One that’s branching.  Again, from Designer Trees.

We’ve seen bigger.

I don’t think so. No chance. Not with three heads on it, that’s for sure. So, this one here has got three heads up the top, starting to form that tree. This thing in the next few years will look absolutely remarkable. It’s got a nice cluster on the top.


It is a nice blue. You can see the branches starting to form up there. Quite an amazing tree by Designer Trees, Yucca rostrata. There it is. Absolutely amazing. So this tree, what this tree’s doing at the moment, so all the leaves on the trunk, they form what you call the skirt. So, we actually trim them. We trim them down to around about say five centimeters, and they will definitely start forming the skirt of the tree. These are a little long at the moment, but Dale here is going to trim them nicely. Or he’ll get James.

I’ll think about it.

Starting to form the tree at the top, so absolutely amazing. It’s around about 3 meters, 3.5 overall height. Probably the only one in Australia of its kind that has branched three times.

If it’s got nothing to do with price, I’d say it was 4 meters.

4 meters, right. Okay. Great. Price just went up. I’m just joking. Absolutely remarkable.

See, this dried skirt?


Is that as thick and as impossible to cut as the filifera?


As a Yucca filifera?

No, they’re not.

Oh, good.

What you can do, you can actually just use a hedger on them.

Okay. Because a Yucca filifera, they’re deadly. You can’t even do it with a-

You got to use a STANLEY knife.

And then it’s hard.


They’re tough.

When you leave the Yucca filifera for too long, once they die off, they’re impossible to get off. They’re terrible. Best time to do those is while they’re still growing.

That’s my trouble.


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