WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 5

As Tony continues his video tour through this private botanical garden, he’s met with some truly spectacular Yucca filiferas. Listen to Tony explain how they grow to be such remarkable trees.


Love coming back to these amazing gardens that we install these amazing trees with. These ones here are called the Yucca filifera. As you can see, there’s a nice little grove of Yucca filifera here. They do grow on a single trunk. This could do with the little trim down below. We generally trim it around about half, to the halfway point. Once they do get up of age, they start to branch, like you see here, and almost look like a bit of a Joshua tree. So they are quite unique when they start to branch up top and start forming what you call the tree, basically.

You can see here, they’re starting to… Still a single trunk here. And then on this particular one, it’s starting to branch out, as you can see. The top sort of stunts a little, and away they go, the branches start to form. So, this is what you call the Yucca filifera.

This is one that’s got quite a few little branches on it, this Yucca filifera. It’s pupping from the bottom, top’s been cut off. I wouldn’t suggest to cut the top off, but in some cases, some of the owners, they get a little impatient and want to see some pupping up top. And that’s been forced, obviously, and you can see there’s two pups up there, two little branches. I would not do this because it generally wrecks the form of the tree, but some people like it, some people don’t.

As you can see it, that particular one there has done it naturally. It’s got three beautiful arms on this side, and it’s got another arm on the other side. Then you also get these unique ones where they actually start to pup from the bottom. You can get a nice big tree. Sometimes they stunt up the top and they will start forming branches up the top. But in this particular case, they have pupped from the bottom, which is a bit of a rarity, doesn’t normally happen. So, these are our trees from Designer Trees. As you can see, quite a nice little grove of them.


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