WATCH: Dragon Tree flowering process


Afternoon guys. So I’ve had a lot of people ringing me up asking me about the flowering process. Okay, so what happens? What’s happened with this particular dragon tree, the dragon tree has grown on a single trunk. It has flowered above. Now what happens with the flowering process, once it’s flowered, generally speaking, the dragon tree will not feed the original leaves that are on the trunk. So what happens is that it stops feeding those leaves and it starts to focus on the small branches coming through on the sides. And as you can see here, you can see these little branches coming out. There’s quite a few all the way around it.

So I’ll take you through the trimming process on this particular dragon tree. But at this stage it has flowered. We’ve cut the flower off. It’s now starting to… All the original leaves on the original trunk are starting to die off, and the new shoots, it’s focusing all its attention on the dragon tree shoots coming out. So that’s the process.

Now, this tree will not get any taller. So these dragon tree branches will grow in an outward motion, on a 45, and it will then just definitely give it a bit of height as it’s growing on a 45 degree. But as for the trunk height, that’s it’s height. Once it flowers, the dragon tree’s height will not get any taller.


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