WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 6

Dale and Tony continue walking us through this very unique botanical garden and come across beautiful grass trees and aloe trees.


So what are these called?

That’s Aloe Super Red and that’s Aloe-

Super Orange?

No, that’s something…What’s the orange one’s called James?

What’s the orange yellows called? What’s the hybrid name, that orange yellow? I have to look it up.

We’re going to have to. Hey, these names you’re going to have to-

And see the tall ones? That’s the tall ones is Aloe arborescens x ferox. It’s a cross between the ferox and the arborescens.

Right, okay. It’s quite an amazing little area.

And they get massive. They’re all getting branches. You see the Aloe arborescens ferox getting big branches now?


So they become like small trees.

Right okay. And they’re all the same color through this area?

Yes, except for the back, they’re more white. Then the Super Red’s don’t have this white on the bottom.

We’ve got a splash of color through there with our beautiful Xanthorrhoea glaucas. And then we get over into this area over here, Dale.

We’ve got our amazing glaucas through here. Absolutely spectacular form.

With more cuttings of the Aloe Goliath behind it and pups from the Agave weberi.

Yes, looking good. So we’re coming into, again, the Dasylirion acrotriches. Quite a nice little touch.

And the Aloe ferox that I’ve grown from when they were three centimeters tall.

They’re the ones we were stepping on at the time, I believe.


Hey Dale, where we going?

Another one of our Blue Grass trees.

Can I have five minute break from this documentary?

You certainly can. I’ll continue. Got our beautiful Grass Trees in through here.

This is one of our beautiful blue glauca trees.

Absolutely amazing. They’re little glaucas. Quite a spectacular specimen. In with the silver torches.


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