WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 4

Tony continues his video tour through this gorgeous botanical garden and comes upon a really amazing cactus grove.


Now we come up to a little grove of pringleis. They’re pretty amazing, these little things. They’ll start to throw branches and the branches don’t grow horizontally outwards, they tend to pop out and actually hug the main trunk. As you can see, you get some a little taller and some shorter and fatter in structure. Sometimes with the pringlei I’ve actually cut the top off one to see what it does. And it does start to branch out. So that was forced by us, by Designer Trees. We tend to play with a few little items and see what they do. These particular ones are quite nice in structure once you do take the top off them.

Sometimes they’ll grow two heads. They may grow three or four. So, it’s something that you could play with. As you can see a nice grove of them does look quite nice. We do provide these at Designer Trees. This particular one here looks a little odd. This one doesn’t have any … it doesn’t have the same spine structure as the rest of the pringlei. It’s almost spineless, bit of a rarity actually, by Designer Trees.


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