WATCH: How to trim a Dragon Tree


Hello guys, welcome back. We’ve had many calls of people asking about the trimming process of a dragon tree. So what we do, all the older leaves, if you see under here… Where the green meets the brown, we take those off. The reason why we do that also, it makes the tree look nice, neat and tidy, so we trim those off. The dragon tree will just constantly feed the new branches coming through. Aesthetically it makes the dragon tree look a lot better. This is the process.

We find that we get clients that ring up asking about stripping the leaves off. What happens is with the dragon tree, guys, if you do strip the leaves off, if you come in nice and close… If you cut the leaves like we’ve cut them, over a period of five weeks, what happens is they dry out. We run our fingers across them and they will flake off. If you strip the leaves, you will not get these beautiful red lines on the dragon tree. It will scar the trunk. So avoid stripping the leaves, and start trimming with your Stanley knives.


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