WATCH: Trimming a Dragon Tree


Okay. So what we’ve done now guys, is we’ve trimmed the dragon tree up. As you can see, if you come in nice and close, we’ve kept them pretty short. If you do happen to leave them slightly too long, those leaves here where we’ve cut on the dragon tree. If you do happen to cut them and they’re still a little long, what will happen is the tree will constantly feed these little chutes, and what will happen is they will stay green.

So what I suggest, get them where the green meets the brown on the leaf. Where the green reads the brown on the leaf right there on the dragon tree. As you can see just here, that’s where we cut them. And over a period of four to five weeks, they will dry up and they will shrivel up and you just run your fingers across them and they will flake off.

Now we’ve trimmed these dragon tree. As you can see, it’s starting the secondary part of its life, where all the branches are coming out. You will find that these branches will take quite some time to form the trunk.


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